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Production of a CSX public release is finally underway. Game improvements listed within.

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Introducing Counter-Strike X!


This modification makes changes to almost all aspects of the game, including:

  • Player models
  • Weapon models, animations, sprites & sounds
  • Player & weapon selection previews
  • Menu GUI interface & background
  • In-game HUD & radar
  • Realistic game physics
  • Blood decals, lighting, flash, gas & explosive effects
  • Enhanced bot personalities & grenade-throwing support
  • Knife & pistol rounds
  • FPS-RPG (DOTA) game-play with purchasable items and level-up system
  • Selectable knives with different sounds and animations
  • Killing spree announcements
  • Godlike zombie bosses with special skins
  • & many more!

Initially created for private LAN parties, CSX has undergone numerous changes and is currently being re-devised into a more online-friendly version. For now, enjoy the screenies & don't forget to leave a message of support!

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Jike - - 177 comments

from whats in your list, I am asking you, why not just mod cs source???

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MorbidThirsk Author
MorbidThirsk - - 31 comments

A very good question. Actually, I intended to mod something bigger and better from the start but if it wasn't for two friends of mine with turtle-speed computers, I'd have made a full campaign of Left 4 dead of Sydney, Australia by now.

You see, this mod first began a year ago on the 23rd of June, 2009, for the sole purpose of LAN gaming amongst friends. Not everyone had good computers so I had to make compromises and mod a game that everyone could play together. So unfortunately, instead of Source or L4D, I had to settle for 1.6 :(

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RedTiki - - 221 comments

commited modder is commited.

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