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Aki'll be the novelty of the Year mod 'll be marking the day macabre aki in Germany the day that you dress in German soldier and out pretending that the Nazis returned but our special day Ghoulish and the day of STALKERS dressed and headed out to remember the day that this mod was inventing by Jonathan aki Germany to various news of how we are making the mod

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Hello Stalkers aki 'm right back to continue our dear Hard Zone Survival We were completing a mod for Crysis 3 called Crisys 3 Stalker The mod will be delivered right at ModDB
Returning to the subject of the mod for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl will be in continuation starting 07/12/13 until the day it 'll be going on vacation and our group 'll be continuing the new mod I have news for y'all
> New characters have already been added in the game
> New graphics and bug concerted errors after you turn the camera and a reflection appears on the screen
> 115 weapons were added
> 2 new factions created by our mod Apocalypses and the Messengers
> New artifacts and anomalies including new detectors to hunt the artifact
> 2 new mutants created by our group and the Demons Souls
> Pripyat will have a wide variety of mutants and STALKERS that will appear after you enter the first time in Pripyat
> 5 Exocamuflage new costumes , Costume Hunter , Evening Not Identified , Costume Psychologist , invincible Armor
> Armor contains invincible mode Invincibility mod and knead the bullets when it hits you
> And finally the the Alpha Test version of the game has no prediction saira soon launch more I think if all goes well will be able to be released on 25/12/13 christmas special day

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