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Breakthrough and accompanying scenarios by Aaron Teplitsky. It's a big one.

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No rest for the wicked. En avant!

Aaron Teplitsky (also known as yyr) is a big fish in the Mac ocean and his name is familiar to everyone even remotely interested in the Macintosh wolfing scene. As far as I can tell, Breakthrough is his second Wolfenstein 3D set, though it was already in the works even before his first scenario (Return to Wolfenstein) was released. In the readme, yyr describes Breakthrough as "maybeware" - send $5 and maybe you will get a 32-level mapset for the First Encounter, plus one of three bonuses (or all of them if you pay $7 instead), oh, and Wolfenzoom and Wolfencheat for free. At some point, WolfAddict became involved in distribution as yyr joined the famous team.

Breakthrough Enhanced is listed among the bonuses you could get for ordering Breakthrough (though it was also available via WolfAddict separately, for another $5, if I understand the ordering sheet correctly). This scenario includes all 32 levels of vanilla Breakthrough enhanced with Second Encounter walls, guards and music. It also includes 8 new maps, pushing the overall count up to 40.

Another interesting bonus: three mini-episodes called Assassin, Dog Pound and Maze Mayhem II. Assassin contains maps similar in style to the main scenario; the other two are well described by their names. Mazes and dogs are what you will encounter on your way to victory. Each of these small episodes contains four maps.

Breakthrough also had a demo, distributed along with WolfAddicts catalogs. As is often the case, it's included here.

Breakthrough, its Enhanced edition and all three mini-episodes all feature decent classic Mac mapping. The levels are often fairly small and tightly mapped, reasonably populated by enemies. As the game progresses, maps get increasingly large in size, small rooms and tight quarters sometimes giving way to more spacious settings. It's worth noting that several Breakthrough levels are guest appearances: 4-1 was made by Bruce Ryder, 4-2 and 4-3 by Phil Safer, 5-1 by David Schiff, and 6-4 - by Aaron's 7-year-old sister (a candidate for the youngest Wolf3D mapper ever; Adam Sandberg was nine, as was AReyeP's son when designing WolfenDoom E6M10).

Storyline: although you are a descendant of B.J. ReallylonglastnamethatIcan'tspell, you never cared much for war. Unfortunately, when Middle Eastern Nazis rear their ugly head, you are promptly sent to investigate and are quickly captured. After two days without food and sleep, you've had enough. You rip open the door to your cell, brutally murder the guard and eat his corpse. Then you realize you're in the middle of an unknown building filled with hostiles. Get psyched... it's time for a Breakthrough!

(note: before you ask, the Breakthrough Lost Levels will only be ported after we make sure all the bugs involved are properly reproduced in MacenWolf. It will happen eventually)

Aaron Teplitsky and friends

breakthrough 1

breakthrough 3

breakthrough 2

Download Breakthrough


Download Breakthrough Enhanced

Breakthrough Enhanced

Download Breakthrough Mini-Episodes

Breakthrough Mini episodes

Download Breakthrough Demo

Breakthrough Demo

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