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Dev Report 12: Serbia's Woes, Budgets in the Raj and Unrest in Somaliland.

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Hello, and welcome to the twelfth Dev Report for Spartakus. Here is the link to last weeks Dev Report.

Last Witch of Illyrith


I’ve been working on making two Yugoslav states, Montenegro and Serbia, playable, but I’ll only talk about Serbia in this dev report, as they’re the first to get a focus tree.

The Adriatic War was sparked by the Italians supporting the anti-Yugoslav elements in Montenegro, and tore apart the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, splitting among three states.

The loss of all Great War gains caused mass unrest in Serbia, and in order to prevent it from escalating further, the parliament was suspended and all political organizations were banned. However, 10 years have passed since then, and King Alexander’s power is caving under pressure and various concessions to underground organizer and activists. He is massively unpopular, and probably won’t survive for long.

The May Day rally of 1932, the first one held since before the Great War, will be the tipping point of the collapsing monarchy.

Serbia is faced with the choice of adopting a modern constitution, or avoiding political change via an octroic constitution and allowing a single party in the parliament.

Upon adopting a modern constitution, Serbia will hold its first free elections, and choose between the two leading opposition parties.

If it chooses the octroic constitution, it can slide either back to a liberal coup, a communist revolution or a military government.

Further on, the reformation of Yugoslavia may be a major part of its foreign policy path, but more on this later, hopefully next week.


British Raj Focus Tree

Hello everyone, it’s me back after quite a hiatus, 6 dev reports i believe, but I come bearing the British Raj Tree! Or at least a third of it… A military tree will be added eventually, but the current tree does some up the Raj’s position quite well.

At the start of 1932, the British Raj is not heavily affected by the depression, as an economy is required to have an economic crash, and the British Raj has little in the way of an internal economy, and what little exists serves the British colonial enforcers mostly, bar a miniscule Anglo-Indian middle class. But while the Raj maintains itself comfortably, more investments must be made to tide over the British aristocrat’s fortunes while London struggles with its Depression. Thus, the first part of the tree is about extracting more from the fruit that is India. For a player, this means long foci, that provide negligible reward

The foci are all 70 days, except the Budget ones, meaning most of the year will be spent doing nothing.

This all comes into sharp focus in 1934, where after the yearly budget occurs, -redacted- causes the near collapse of the Raj. Emergency changes must be made, and a desperate bid must be made to create an army independent of Britain, for the Crown may be too late to save the Raj

A choice must be made, over commit to rapidly building a military...

...and risk further internal troubles, or gamble on the fact that the new enemies of the Raj will take time to be ready to crush her and gradually build the economy... support a massive army to crush the upstarts.

I can’t guarantee anything, but I hope it takes less time for another Indian report to pop-up after this one!



You might see this title and wonder what the hell I am doing with my modding time, but I assure you, this is just a side little flavor thing for the moment that I wanted to show off. I could show off more devwork in Portugal or Livonia but I am also getting very near being able to show off those two countries in Progress Reports and would rather not spoil the entire focus trees for them through teasers.

So, here is Somaliland:

Somaliland is dominated primarily by the Warsangali tribe under Maxamuud Cali Shiire due to their cooperation with the British near the end of the Dervish rebellion. The legacy of the Dervish State (1899-1920) still both haunts and unites the people of Somaliland of which many see as a valiant attempt to retain independence for the Somali peoples. However, the rebellion took a great toll on the population and prosperity of Somaliland and the neighboring Ogaden region in Ethiopia due to mass livestock raiding by the leader of the Dervish’s, Mohammed Abdullah Hassan (also known as the “Mad Mullah”).

With the British Empire experiencing many issues elsewhere that strain its ability to fund the Somaliland Protectorate, some have conspired to start another rebellion against the British to drive them out of the important port city and capital of Berbera. Will the Dervish State be reborn? Only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed this little minor showcase. I am hoping to get another PR for both Portugal’s either next Friday or next weekend.

We hope you enjoyed the twelfth Dev Report! Remember to join the Discord as well, as many additional teasers are posted on there daily.

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