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Dev Report 10: Austria Focus, Portuguese Decisions, Freedom, Five Warlords and a Disturbance in Ottawa.

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Hello, and welcome to the tenth Dev Report for Spartakus. Here is the link to last weeks Dev Report.


Austrian Focus Trees, aka better dead than red

Its me again, the not so funny German, with progress!
Let's get right into the juicy stuff: A Focus Tree for Austria!
The main part of the focus tree has been figured out. As Austria you will have to make a very important decision: Do you want to stay true to old Austrian traditions or do you want to go with time and try something new? (Don't worry, icons aren't final, they'll be added later)

Depending on what you choose, you'll be presented with the political and economical tree which will feature cool stuff like Crushing the Church, Make a state controlled workers’ union, privatize everything and of course reunite the nation

But first you have to tackle the many problems Austria will have after the economic crash. You do that through events that you'll receive for completing focuses like:

That's about it from me for this weeks DR, hope you enjoyed this brief overview.


Making Use of Decisions - Portugal

When I did the Progress Report for the Portuguese Republic, I was quite disappointed admittedly with what I had managed to show off. Both of the Portugal’s have a lot more potential, and although I am still actively working on Livonia, I feel I am in a good position now to go back for a little bit and give it the facelift it deserves on the side.

One of the first things in this facelift is transitioning the Civil War focuses into decisions. Decisions work far better for what I am trying to achieve here, and unfortunately I had created this focus section before decisions were released.

So, with that said, I would like to present the Civil War decisions for the Portuguese Republic. Keep in mind, the Portuguese Monarchy will be receiving a brand new focus tree and a similar decision list, so this isn’t only limited to the Republic.

Through this first section of decisions, there are a few general decisions which you can take to advance the war effort. You will have to choose very carefully as it is unlikely you will be able to take all of the decisions. Additionally, as you can see in the colour coding, there is international support as one of the major required preparations. That is where the next two sections come in:

Both of these sections will be very important to consider. Rationing for example may work in the short term, but will garner some major unrest issues. This can be subverted by importing food from Germany or the Soviet Union, but at a higher cost. Ignoring this at all will result in a number of nasty events over the duration of the CIvil War.

Well, that is it for now. I will be working on compiling a brand new Progress Report hopefully within the next few months with all the new Portugal stuff, where I can finally show off the Monarchy tree. Keep in mind these decisions are WIP and may be changed or added on to in the future.

United States of Development

Starting to code… Our Freedoms

During my First week here, I was able to implement my lore ideas regarding the current political situation in the United States. I was also able to fix the political wheel and party names.

My Idea for the US is that the forces of mainstream democracy are too strong for most radical factions in US politics. However once the Stock Market crashes, the Unions, Leftists and Right Wing Populists could begin to have a substantial impact in the politics of the United States.

Also I managed to write in a yearly Independence Day event. Love Live Democracy!
That’s all for this week. Next week I plan on working on the focus tree following the election and the Military Branches.


Sichuan Warlords

The warlord states for the Sichuan clique are completed and are as follows from right to left:

Sichuan Clique

Yang Army

Central Sichuan Army

Tian Army

Xikang Clique

Coding for generals and leaders has already been done and the only thing left for these states is getting the colorized portraits in as well as events for the countries.

The plan is that they will start out at war with each other, but depending on capitulation rates, they can white peace with each other to team up on others.


Canada: On-to-Ottawa

Hi, this is my first dev report entry, because I’ve been getting really in-depth into one or two topics instead of ~~being competent~~ focusing on getting whole routes done. Anyway, here’s my take on something called the ‘On-to-Ottawa’ trek:

To start with, a little backstory. I don’t want to take up too much space, so feel free to research yourself if you’d like, but the condensed version is: During the Great Depression (which hit Canada incredibly hard, arguably worse than it hit America) the government was less than competent and annoyed a good chunk of the workers. Some of them started a protest in Vancouver, which then turned into a trek from Vancouver ‘on to ottawa’. However, once they got to Regina, things went rather wrong and a riot happened – thus stopping the trek.
In Spartakus’ timeline, things are slightly different, as Canada is more tied to the US and therefore is affected even more by the Great Depression (which happens in 1932, for those who don’t know). This means that the events from our timeline can happen earlier (bear in mind that these events have timers inbetween them, they’re not happening instantly):

Now, your choice here matters heavily in terms of what can happen next. We’re going to take the more ‘interesting’ route (try and restore order):

As you might have expected, things don’t go so well. The decisions for this event aren’t quite done, but the two currently there basically show the main choices (set a trap or see if you can negotiate). The trap option is only available to the conservative government, which has a focus about expanding the RMCP in Regina – this is needed for the option to be available.

Here’s the result of that focus. Bennett is the conservative party leader. Thinking about it, I’ve forgotten to explain what the RMCP is, so there’s an explanation.

This doesn’t sound ominous at all…

Whoops! Now, you might be wondering how this could happen so quickly – this is answered in two parts:
A) This revolt isn’t actually as serious as it would seem; it’s only at a division’s strength – the ramifications of this event are seen elsewhere, specifically in Canada’s government system likely completely collapsing.
B) The protests at the start are triggered by other decisions made and laws passed (We’ve been given access to the CBTS parliament system; Canada’s laws are going to be implemented in that) during the political tree. If the government makes the right choices, they can avoid it.

Anyway, that’s me done for this week, hopefully this’ll be the start of me posting in these relatively frequently!

We hope you enjoyed the tenth Dev Report! It is quite the milestone. Remember to join the Discord as well, as many additional teasers are posted on there daily.

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