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Sci-fi strategic arcade with time management mechanics. ​Mine rare minerals at the far planets, launch spaceships, produce unique resources in limited time. Manage time and conquer the Universe!

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1st of October 2017 my first game Space Shippers was released. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi in books, movies and games. So my first game is, of course, about the space. I didn’t want to create a usual space shooter, I tried to find new gameplay. I don’t dare to say that I’ve found it, but Space Shippers definitely is not a usual game.

I can describe the game as a strategic arcade. Firstly you have to react to everything that happens on the screen as fast as you can. Secondly, time is limited, you’ve got only 1 minute to complete the task. To win you have to manage your time.

The main goal is to produce composite minerals from basic ones. The basic minerals can be obtained on the planets. The color of the planet determines the color of the mineral. Any planet can produce composite minerals if a spaceship has delivered minerals of another color. So if you send a spaceship with green minerals to the red planet, a yellow mineral will be produced. There are only 3 formulas of minerals blending.

There will be a lot of dangers during your space trips: the Sun gravitation, space pirates (available on Android, coming soon on iOS) and, of course, time limit.

I’ve created the game completely by myself in free time, the most part of content is from Unity Asset Store. I gratitude all people who give me content for free or for small fee.

Thank you for reading and have fun with Space Shippers.

Rokuz, an Indie Game Developer.

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