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Space orbit- gravity game is a tricky game to play,but once you master the physics behind it you will start loving it.

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Space, Gravity and Orbit are very related to each other and when the physics behind them is understood this can be used in multiple places to help develop new things.

Space was initially know to be some empty area full of void. Now scientists have proved that space-time is a fabric which can be manipulated by gravity. Space orbit- gravity game gives us an idea of how scientist use this space and gravity physics to put the satellites to orbit.

We have studied in our school that every object with gravity has a escape velocity and a orbital velocity. The concept of orbital velocity is what is the game mechanics behind space orbit- Gravity game. This game doesn't actually require you to calculate the orbital velocity to put the spaceship into orbit. Here in the game you try to propel you spaceship forward and test the speed at which the spaceship is orbiting the sun.

The sun in space orbit-Gravity game has the maximum gravity and will pull you towards it when you enter the effect zone. While playing the game keep in mind that the spaceship is designed to overcome the suns gravity so that it is able to adjust to the motion.

Space orbit-Gravity game requires you to test the speed and position to exactly enter into orbit. Don't push the controller too much otherwise the spaceship will propel at a very fast speed and you will lose control.

Slowly move the spaceship near the sun and once you are pulled by the gravity, Change the course by making minor changes to the spaceship direction.

Once you solve and understand the concept of gravity the game should be fun to play and then you can test your skills at the higher level.

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