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Adding a bunch of new stuff, including story-lore, cloud-saving and contests! On top of that a new HUD is introduced and a couple of small fixes as we near the holidays followed by release day

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Somebody mentioned Cloud saving? Actually, a few people did, and lucky for you guys I recently got a new PC so I also needed a way to take my progress with me: enter Steam cloud-saving.

It's a best-case implementation, so if you have the game on 2 pc's, it will only take your cloud-progress if your local progress is "less".

Another cool thing added in this update is the Moonbase-logs, you can find them in the stats menu near the datacards. Basically these logs unlock with every NPC you find per level. Finding all of them will be hard, but it will open up some nice lore on the happenings in the base.

I'm also trying something new in this update, I added code which, in theory, should allow for contests! The prizes for these contests are in-game awards for now, so you might be able to win a battle-suit, or a gaia statue for your next run, etc. It will also be possible to win a b-skin! so let's see how that all works out.

I'll come up with a contest soon, it should all auto-trigger on your game, and we'll take it from there, see where it takes us ;)

And finally I updated the HUD, to a more space-marine style look. Think that removes the last few bits of the game that still reminded me of Heroes of Loot which it originally would be a sequel to ;)

I also recorded a new play-through showing a lot of the stuff that's currently in the game:

For the full list of updates check out the Steam Anouncements page.

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