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Space Marine Augmented, a global multiplayer modification for Space Marine game, has returned!

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After several months of absence and uncertainty, Space Marine Augmented, global multiplayer modification for Space Marine game, has returned! Gather the forces of Adeptus Astartes or Chaos Space Marines and fight for Forgeworld Graia. Mod launcher was updated, so you can play it once again.


There are much stuff yet to be done, and the team is working on new content. SMA had plans for a very long shot, and they include:

  • New armor options
  • New classes
  • New weapons and perks, finishing changes for existing weapons and perks to align them into one system
  • AI improvements
  • Numerous QoL changes, including UI and animation changes and fixes
  • New maps' setups
  • And more?

Chaplain Helmet by Mo-zi

Chaplain Helmet by Mo-zi

Deathwatch Arm by Mo-zi

Ground Assault w/ selectable backpack


Follow us on ModDB and reach our communities to find people to play!

Join the development team, free hands are required! SMA got GitHub community, where plans and formal discussions are held and tools are shared.

We'll see you on the ravaged lands of Graia!


Hm, do you guys have a decent playerbase for your mod? It looks awesome, but I've never seen it in action.

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Wait do all multiplayer modes have bots with this cause that would revive the entire playerbase, heck i would purchase it too when i get my visa card after my studies end.

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