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Just about had enough of messing with the land on this thing and just can't force myself to dedicate any amount of time to it anymore since i simply hate it. This coming release will by Space and GC Only.

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Short yet long-awaited Update.

Sorry everyone but i simply give up on trying to fix land combat before the end of the year. There is so much that needs to be done to get it playable in the way i want it. The coming release will have the broken land skirmish but land has been blocked from GC. You can play the Land Skirmish and see just how much work it still needs.

Now i'd like some hero ideas for Omega's Faction to help catch up to the Alliance and Knights' heroes. After that and filling the galaxy with minor hostiles there will be nothing left to do beside minor balancing/bug fixes.

Current Omega Heroes
Darth Sidious
Crimson (Darth Maul Post-Mandalore)

Rouge CIS (So you don't name them)
Count Dooku
Nute Gunray
General Greivous
Admiral Trench

Any help here would be appreciated as i really don't know much of the CIS's most evil people. And for the questions as to why so many have broken from the CIS. The larger CIS doesnt accept Palpatine as their leader and to keep power Count Dooku acted like he was betrayed as well. He now leads the CIS loyalists while Omega and Crimson are loyal to their master.
There is another Hero i have not listed who is the new apprentice of Sidious who i have yet to fully invent but will be patched in with the CIS Star Destroyer i am remaking.

I'd say expect a release by next weekend if all goes well.

Thanks everyone!


been waiting for the space GC release! great work and I can't wait to play.

The AI will actually move now too right?

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Now I must play the waiting game, but it will be well worth it.

Thank you Emperorniko!

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would they employ bounty hunters? if so, Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and Durge were alive about this time. IG-88 would be perfect for this sort of thing, because he's already in the game.

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EmperorNiko Author

This is just after the end of TCW series and just prior to RotS movie. And the Bounty hunters are all with the Alliance.

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Durge, died roughy 5/6 months before events Rots, which I would I would say when TCW ended. But all he cared about was killing Jedi and Mandos (counting the clones as they were clones of a mando)

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