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Read below for more information, love you guys!!!!

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Ok, so... Here we are, awhile back, I released this model with the goal of creating the most accurate Tulak Hord representation in JKA that I could think of, and I think I have succeeded.

SinglePlayer Support, Team Support, and even Siege Support, have all been added.

Tulak Hord's saber has been upgraded, as well as his NPC file tweaked to make him even more powerful and accurate then before.

So... Where does that leave this project? Is it ok to call it a project now? Maybe, maybe not. I dunno.

The future of the Tulak Hord NPC can come through suggestions from people who have downloaded it can give me advice on what I should change to make him as accurate as possible.

Also, his Bot has been fine-tuned to be just as powerful as he needs to be.

You will be able to play with this beast of a character in SinglePlayer, in TFFA, and even in Siege mode. (As the Dark Jedi Duelist class, naturally.)

Thanks for the support from you guys, and have an awesome time with the model, AND the saber.

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