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Lyudmila Pavlichenko is an NPC available in Chapter 2 of the demo. Latest version of demo now available on IndieDB.

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Loresoft is proud to announce that the World War II 2D Platform/RPG Katyusha will include real-life stories from famous Soviet World War II heroes.

Everything in Katyusha is based in real facts. Players will experience battles in the exact dates that those occured, use WWII weapons in the exact dates that those appeared and meet famous Soviet heroes, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Vasily Zaitsev, Nina Onilova and more. The discussions and the facts represented in the game are real.


Heroes that lived can join Katyusha in the next levels, if players complete the corresponding quests. Otherwise they can continue solo. Heroes that died will actually die in front of you in the battles that they died in real life.

Lyudmila 2

As you can see, in Chapter 2, Katyusha finds Lyudmila in Odessa, right when the famous sniper tried to join the Soviet army. They wanted her to become a nurse but she wanted to fight as she was a sharpshooter from a young age. The dialogue that occured is real, as Lyudmila Pavlichenko became the great female sniper of all time with 309 confirmed kills. In Katyusha you will have the chance to see how Soviet heroes wrote their history.

Katyusha   Chapter 2   Barracks

Lyudmila Pavlichenko will be the only available Soviet Hero/NPC in our demo. The rest Soviet heroes will be included in the final version of the game.

Download Katyusha Demo on Steam or right here on IndieDB.

Purchase Katyusha soundtrack on Steam (starting from 5/12/22).

Release: TBA.

The release of the game depends on your support as we are a small development team.

Thank you for your support.
Manos Gryparis,
Game Designer.

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