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Source SDK 2013 - Porting complete! We got news for you... Been a while I know.

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Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’d like to let everyone know that Zombies is not dead. We apologize for the long time since the previous update. We’d like to address some of what has happened since the last update.

Source SDK 2013
After a long time, we’ve finally managed to port the game over to Source SDK 2013. This allows faster loading, multicore rendering and other stuff that we’re happy to include.

More game modes
We’re also including more game modes other than the typical survival, but that will come more for a later time.

The Zombies team is also hiring. We are looking for four more members to add to the team. This includes:
-Level Designer

Steam Greenlight
We are hopeful to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign in the near future. Once we get more of our own content, we will for sure be doing that.

Thank you
Lastly, thank you all for the support of the mod throughout the years. Ever since it first came up as Nazi Zombies: Source, we’ve come a long way and are for sure going to go for a full release. We apologize again for the long absence… Oh, and to make up for it, we’ll be uploading gameplay shortly.

Demondays1 - - 144 comments

I would like to join to the team!

Although, I don't know where to apply.

I would like to apply for Level Designer, YES I do have experience with map making (Hammer). I've made 2 maps of TTT (gmod) and 2 maps for another quake game.

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WiFiDi - - 343 comments

good good i thought you were dead again. :D

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

Didn't know this was here! I was still tracking the old game. Glad I finally found this! Pretty cool! Can't wait for a release. :)

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