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If you are interested, I have posted the entire source for MH2.

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Sorry this is a couple of days late. Had a bad run-in with the stomach flu.

This is the entire source code for MH2. It is compilable and has quite a few
extra textures and sounds that didn't make the final release (or were
changed). IPtoCountry belongs to Rush, Stats code belongs to TheDane,
PlayerLogging is mine though created by permission from TheCatcher (see
him to extend AKA, he's a good guy), the sniper rifle is Hitman's (the
blood spray code is mine though, feel free to use), MHPoweredMonsters is
completely Bob's from dU as is the "pinata" code, and finally the
MH2MonsterEnd is based on Excalibur Holland work.

Everything else
like the Healing Gun, PostalBabe dancers, MH2 deemer and the rest of
the classes is stuff that is public or that I have made. Feel free to
use as you wish. You are welcome to extend my things, borrow, use,
whatever. I'd appreciate it though if you sought permissions from these
other people if you change their works. Each of these guys deserves the
respect of that. MH2 is far from "my" project, it is a collection of
work from assorted developers put into a central package for ease of
enjoyment and server admin.

If you wish to create your own
version of MH2, please feel free to do so. With a minimum of coding
experience you can easily swap textures and sounds to make a clan-type
version of it for yourself. I have no requests for naming convention,
though it might be nice to keep "MonsterHunt2" but it's
certainly not required. See me if you need help.

Source code Download HERE.

Have fun devs.

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