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A former Epic employee had obtained the source code of the unreleased PC/PS2 port back in 2011, yet only in 2020 did it get published.

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Reportedly it is a pre-release/beta version that is playable on modern Windows versions, yet lacks audio and movie playback.

It seems to be a prerelease version with some cut maps in separate direcotry but the audio doesn't work on PC and it's really clumsy with the xbox buttons responding to letter buttons in the menu but not really in the game, making certain parts stuck such as tutorial unless you cheat.

Also this was one of the things that were promised by a certain dylan during the deal with delacroix around 2011, but one of the things he didn't upload before he disappeared (for reasons later made clear), as back then we believed he was a genuine epic employee (and according to him he did help out with something at epic, i guess unofficially though). So it is surprising to see this build surface suddenly. He also had the full ps2 ut prerelease that worked on pc, one version of Unreal 2 and other such stuff. That still remains "lost" now.

The Avaris title comes from when the project was called simply Unreal Tournament Avaris (based off the name from the map appearing in Ut2003).

- user LEOTCK of

Shot Praxis

- Unreal Championship 2 running on Windows with enhancements, with original 640x480 pixel resolution HUD visible on the top left

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there's a tutorial here

But please, this is taken out of context and I was obviously misunderstood. I don't have any indication or evidence that "dylan" is linked to this leak, I was simply saying that back then dylan promised this as one of the things...the ps2 stuff is not related and it wasn't port of UC2. There were more things supposed to happen and this was one of them. I was commenting on how ironic it is to get this so many years later and even after the mod port of UC2 for ut2004 was discontinued despite endorsed by Epic.

The source of this leak was 4chan that's all we know.

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