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The Alpha version 0.3 aka the Bretonia Update is heading your way!

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Hey everyone!
Thanks for your patience, I know it's been a long time since the last update!

Anyway, the Bretonia update is now being uploaded and should be ready to download soon.
Keep in mind, this is a Full update, so remove your old SotSS folder before installing this one.
Reason being that I changed some organisational stuff and removed some things, so it's safer to do a clean install of the mod =P

Basically, the main event is Bretonia is now a playable faction with a decent amount of their Core fleet available, consisting of:

Scout LF
Cavalier LF
Crusader HF
Challenger VHF

Churchill Gunboat
Armstrong Destroyer
Arc Royal Frigate/Troop Transport/Colony ship
Monarch Battleship

GALLANT Cavalier Ace Pilot

You will also notice a few updates to the Liberty and Rheinland rosters too, as well as a host of new voice acting included in this update!

I've also done a fair bit of work on the UI, but it is far from complete, so please forgive the inconsistencies that are present.

There is also the basis of the Liberty Tech Tree in game, it's not quite finished, not really balanced yet either... but it should give you an idea of the direction I intend to take the tech side of things.

I am planning to put out patches to fix and tweak the tech tree a bit and to help out Rheinland and Bretonia by getting the basis of theirs sorted too. These will be smaller patches that can just be copied over the v0.3 version like the 0.11 and 0.12 patches were.

I could have sorted out all the issues with the Tech trees before releasing 0.3 but I figured you've all waited long enough!

anyway, hope everyone enjoys the update and please let me know how things go as I appreciate feedback (even if I disagree =P )


I am downloading right now, don't think I've been this excited for something in a long time :D

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Really love the UI, looks so good. Started playing a Bretonia game and couldn't find a colony ship, is it just me not seeing it or is there not one in yet?

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oh wait just built the frigate and saw its colony abilities. My fault, didn't read its description. Anyway, great mod bringing back so many memories

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Wintercross Author

Yeah, the troop transport ships are like hybrid colony/siege ships, since it made more sense to me =P

Plus, the invasion abilities will sometimes let you capture enemy planets.

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