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So sorry about everything its just I lost my computer and all my files because of a virus and had to install and redo everything and I am in a military academy. Sooo...

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Sorry for not posting its just as you may have already read in the summary I lost my computer to a virus and had to redo everything and besides I am in a military academy so It was too hard, but I am back and I promise to release new things soon...
Right now I am working on Crappy COD as I like to call it, its the same low poly models with 2d exos but with 3d vests and shit.

About the Halo skins, a Halo mod made by Apone was released so I will use his models to make different skins like Halo 2 anniversary, Halo reach wannabe, Halo 4.
And the ISA will also include a 3d vest which I think will look awesome! but it will take time.
And finally, I found some cool warhammer models in a russian vtv website and will reskin them and release them.
One more thing I will be working again on the Mobile Infantry from Starship troopers and maybe make the Colonial Marines from Alien.

Thats all for now!
Thanks, and I am so so sorry

Oh and, in the Crappy COD, it will include:
USMC (Advanced Warfare, MW3, MW4)
US Army (MW2)
Delta force (MW3)

If you have any suggestions to as what I should do please leave a comment with an idea.


Looking forward to the Mobile Infantry and keep up the amazing work mate!

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