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There is so much happening behind the scenes with the final few items to Rofaxan 2089 AD being squared away. We are also simotaneously preparing for a new game to enter development as well! The Prometheus project is getting it's bearings to be a huge hit and a great project to be on...

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So we have been working hard to get all these aspects of game development squared away and with just one guy I just don't have enough hands to keep the news as up to date as I should and I do apologize. We are just hours away from the Desura launch of Rofaxan for the PC and we are extremely excited to see how big of a change Desura has made for the PC deployment. It was a little overwhelming at first but the top notch customer care they have worked with me and got Rofaxan all squared away for deployment. So for those Indies unsure of them take that as a testimony! They are great to work with. I would rather have great customer care than anything else :)

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