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The current progress and what I'm actually doing during the silence.

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Despite the silence on my front I am actually working on the mod.
My current work is to work out the DamageFX groups. So far I'm working it out ok. I've managed to get the Zone Raider's weapons to have the proper effects rather than just a standard GDI cannon effect. Next on the list is MARV's sonic shell.

Another issue I'm having is the Awakened and Enlightened. For some reason they are refusing to work. I've done them correctly as far as I can tell but I may have made a very minor spelling error somewhere in the 4 xmls. I'm going to pain-stakingly re-check them all.

I still can't find the required animations for the Nod crawler which is frustrating. Although I am thinking that the Forgotten Of Honete should use the Tiberian Twilight Temple Of Nod rather than the Tib Wars version. Opinions on this?

Thanks for watching =)


i am hoping up finishing it then i can test it

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