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A lot of s**t that I have done for my mod so here it is

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Hi there my mod will be stop for a while because my pc had been broken yesterday but before my compter broke, I had done so much things with my mod

Here is the list

+ improved the graphics like waving flag water look more realistic waving grass trees

+added 3 more factions

+new more troops

+start as king

+Start as vassal

+Or just adventure

+new more battle scenes, castle, towns and villages

+you will see a living horse at the town

+siege battle scene more bigger

+cannon at the battlefield or siege

+now you can encourage your troop with bearer or drummer

There will be a fluter

+different soldier warcry voice ( swadian will be German voice)

+the accuracy of the matchlock will be more realistic hard to hit

+the armor protection lower (you can die easily)

+smart Ai

+dog Ai

+sea trade or combat

+sound of ambient when you enter into the town or battlefield

+new map

+New more buildings

+New more music

+when you gets hurt you will see a blood screen like call of duty game etc

+your troops morals easily drop if you died or they can't fight anymore, and the AI too

+learn to read in the church

+you can choose different religions

Hmm there is more but I can't remember but yeah I will tell you guys about mod a little more on next time

A bientôt les gars les prochaines fois (see you guys on next times) 
MightyL - - 797 comments

"You can die easily" ;P.

I like it!

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DangKhoa280100 Author
DangKhoa280100 - - 472 comments

Haha I glad you like it =D

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La_Bayard_95 - - 96 comments

this is the effort we need ;) could I help I ay way?

God Bless

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