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Mod progress and old video test

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Hi everyone, how plays Half-Life 2 knows that much part of mods is about prison. Many of them are not as good as it was in Hl2. So I'am trying to avoid other mistakes and also add something new into every chapter, especially in prison one(it was so many mods about it and it's realy hard to say something new). I fix errors that was in demo chapter and almost fully rebuild it.

So now some info about chapter developing state:
0. Intro - 50%
1.Overwatch - 80-90%
2.Highway 17a(dev name) - 50% //buggy chapter
3.Canal Assault - 80% //airboat chapter
4.Sub way(dev name) - 90%
5. City 17 - 65%
6.CUGB(dev name) - 10%

And at last check the old video test (In fact I want to make a comparison between old state and new but in new not all scripts are ready, so maybe I post it later).

AncientT - - 425 comments

Its seems alright but i think it should have more detail . and whats the story about ?

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

"You trapted in Nova Prospest.You've lost any hope... But you lucky guy, Gordon Freeman's invasion has been started. You taking this chance and escaping, but it's not so easy as you thought... You will have to solve puzzels and fight the guard... To be continued..."

That's what the page says. More details would be a better request.

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