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Did not expect myself we will do so much, lol. Enjoy some sweeeet screens.

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Gods be praised ! Kinect allowes us to make facial animations super-fast. After some struggle, Rin comes to life. No more unemotional dolls, show me dem feels, gurl !!

Unity 2015 08 27 21 19 20 17

Could not thought that making an NPC to look at you would be a task for 10 minutes. Now we are being watched. Awesome, this adds a little to my paranoia. Dat ass, though.

Unity 2015 08 27 21 21 07 97

The dialog system is up and going, lol that was hard . Still not translated from Russian though. Dont bother reading, cyka blyat.

Unity 2015 08 27 21 21 56 79

I like this NPC. I guess i take this one home. Wish this would also work with my love life.

Unity 2015 08 27 21 22 20 53

Since the game is designed to be a mobile - based, target locking system was a MUST. Rin also is following target with her head. Had a hard time with switching all this camera modes, but now works like a clock. WO - HOOO!

Unity 2015 08 27 22 12 30 08

Smashing things i like. Such destructable, much crashing, WOW.

Unity 2015 08 27 21 32 00 36

The ceiling turret. That thing is trying to kill us, maybe its a little upset because, like, hanging here alone for a few centuries, getting rust, no one to talk about feelings, you know... I would go like PEW PEW PEW DIE BITCH too, would not you ?

Unity 2015 08 27 21 34 39 41

But we got our energy shield, wich is YAY ! Just need to keep an eye on the energy, wich run out pretty fast.

Unity 2015 08 27 21 34 52 57

And some boxes. What a game without looting. Gimme some more of this randomly generated and dropped by interactions stuff, baby !

Unity 2015 08 27 21 32 36 29

I guess thats enough for now. Lets leave most juicy updates for later, mkay ?

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