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New Titlescreen, new sprite and face graphic for the woodlouse, the house of the magician and the house where Horst lives.

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The title screen is done:


Yes, everything is still in German. I'll do the translation at the very end, when everything is finished, because texts can still change so often.

Furthermore I reworked the graphics of the woodlouse, because I didn't like the old thing there anymore.

kellerassel char

In addition, I've given our little friend a new face graphic. It was created in collaboration with TheRealFusion. Basically the whole graphic is from him, I just colored it a bit darker and added the different emotions.

kellerassel face

Well, who wants a woodlouse as a pet or constant companion now? :-)

I also bring two screenshots.

This is the house of the magician - our adversary:

Screenshot Haus Magier

This is the house of Horst (whose role the player takes):

Screenshot Haus Horst

It should be clear that an idiot lives here :D

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