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Many stupid Bothens died in the name of Mon Mothma to bring this information...

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What are Bothens anyway? Does anyone know?

Anyway, with all the work I have done on GC...I have forgotten one very important thing...PLANETS. I have started to add new planets. I actually forgot about this for a while...but I have done a bit of work on it.

Who wants a list of GC Planets?

  1. Romulus
  2. Cardassia
  3. Kronos
  4. Baku
  5. Changling_Homeworld
  6. Ferenginar
  7. Ord_Mantle
  8. Breen
  9. Earth
  10. Reach
  11. Harmony
  12. New_Harmony
  13. Harvest
  14. Sigma_Octanus_IV
  15. Arcadia
  16. Doisac
  17. Sanghelios
  18. Te
  19. Balaho
  20. Palamok
  21. Eayn
  22. Skopje
  23. Ariel
  24. New_Alexandria
  25. Miridim
  26. Kholo
  27. Jericho_VII
  28. Charybdis_IX
  29. Borg_Planet_657488
  30. Borg_Planet_011457
  31. Borg_Planet_234569
  32. Borg_Planet_394857
  33. Borg_Planet_928310
  34. Borg_Planet_543534
  35. Borg_Planet_867153
  36. Borg_Planet_846624
  37. Borg_Planet_957513
  38. Borg_Planet_246835
  39. Borg_Planet_890534
  40. Borg_Planet_246807
  41. Borg_Planet_956728
  42. Borg_Planet_104737
  43. Borg_Planet_868593
  44. Borg_Planet_110921
  45. Borg_Planet_689333
  46. Borg_Planet_746822
  47. Borg_Planet_277831
  48. Borg_Planet_769931
  49. Vulcan
  50. Risa
  51. Betazed
  52. Andoria
  53. Bajor
  54. Trill
  55. Tellar_Prime
  56. Ardana
  57. Bolerus_IX
  58. Denobula
  59. Bynaus
  60. Abregado_Rae
  61. AetenII
  62. Alderaan
  63. AlzocIII
  64. Anaxes
  65. Atzerri
  66. Bespin
  67. Bestine
  68. Bonadan
  69. Bothawui
  70. Byss
  71. Carida
  72. Corellia
  73. Corulag
  74. Coruscant
  75. Dagobah
  76. Dantooine
  77. Dathomir
  78. Endor
  79. Eriadu
  80. Felucia
  81. Fondor
  82. Fresia
  83. Geonosis
  84. Honoghr
  85. Hoth
  86. Hypori
  87. Ilum
  88. Jabiim
  89. Kamino
  90. Kashyyyk
  91. Kessel
  92. Korriban
  93. Kuat
  94. Manaan
  95. Mandalore
  96. MonCalimari
  97. Mustafar
  98. Muunilinst
  99. Myrkr
  100. Naboo
  101. NalHutta
  102. Polus
  103. Ryloth
  104. Saleucami
  105. Shola
  106. Sullust
  107. Taris
  108. Tatooine
  109. The_Maw
  110. Thyferra
  111. Utapau
  112. VergessoAsteroids
  113. Wayland
  114. Yavin

You can guess that some of these planets are intended for certain factions. With all these planets, the GC map is quite big, and quite vast. Don't worry, spacing is not an issue. I have not mushed everything together and I have tried to stay true to the real galactic positions of the planets but I have had to move a few things arund.


As there are THREE factions in Galaxies at War that call Earth home...I decided to let my brother decide who gets Earth.

Halo gets Earth as their home world (At least in the Galaxies at War Campaign).

The Federation and the OTHER faction will use a secondary planet as the home world. The Federation gets Vulcan as the home world in the Galaxies at War scenario.

I may add more planets as they are needed.


Each NEW planet has its own unique texture and model. I have tried to stay true to how planets look and are described to the best of my photoshop ability.

You may be wondering why there are SO MANY Borg planets. The reason for this is...if you ever watched First Contact and/or any TNG/Voyager episode, you would know that Borg planets look dull, dry, poisoned, dirty, muddy, and polluted. They don't live on lush green planets so for the sake of appearance, I have decided to make unique Borg planets. Don't will work out.

As you know, the Empire has the Death Star. I have planned for the UNSC/Covenant to either have NOVA bombs or planet glassing as a planet killing option. However...given the fact that factions like The Federation are not into killing planets, I have disabled planet killing for the Empire until I can think of a good compromise so all factions are evenly squared.

Heroes can only be built on the faction home world. I am considering letting the player rebuild dead heroes...but I dunno.

I am willing to entertain ANY suggestions you may have given what has been told here. If you have any idea, no matter what kind of idea it is, please share it.

As for a release date...I may try to release 2.0 on my Birthday...when is that you ask? Soon...I don't know exactly when though...I forgot...I will check my Birth Certificate ASAP...


OTHER faction? Sounds intriguing

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Heroes can only be built on the faction home world. I am considering letting the player rebuild dead heroes...but I dunno.
i say do it
part of the game is about heroes, but make it expansive and take time

about the other stuff, all looks great

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what about the halos? you gotta include the 2 halos (04 and 05) even though one of them is sort of ... broken

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Plain ol' planetary bombardment would suffice for planet killing for the other races, it would leave behind a ball of magma instead of an asteroid field but it would do the trick none the less!

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I think is pretty simple,

'bad guys' (borg / covi / empire) all should have planet killers, respectivly planet assimulation, plasma bombardment, deathstar

Good guys (Fed / UNSC / Rebals / SST) all should have planet 'protectors',

FED (i have no idea lol),
UNSC (Super mac stations (like that over reach.) anything which can gut a covi ship in one shot could do untold damage to things like deathstars etc.)

Rebals (sheild gen like the one that protected the death star 2 (size of a small moon, (remade to protect a full size planet maybe?)

SST (in the film it mentioned the the bugs could direct their asteroids, lame i know but if the bugs could move one into the way of say, a death star beam, beam doesnt hit planet, everyone lives lol

just some ideas cos i think planet killing / protecting is one of the main aspects of the game...

(also i think heros should be free, but once there dead. there dead, its more realistic and it means you cant just hero spam)

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actually no shield generator in SW or any other show ive seen could take a DSII shot and survive to tell a story
but i liked you thought

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NakedCrook Author

once I actually get all the planets positioned, I am gonna put up some screenshots. This requires a lot of trial and error just to make it look decent. I have a few more to go.

Also...I like the concept of the whole...good guy bad guy thing. Good factions being The Federation/Halo/and Rebels while the bad factions are Borg/Empire/Zann. and each good or bad have either planet defense or planet destroyer. I may roll with this idea.

I should point out though, that I have done little work on the flood...cause they are just really difficult to conceptualize in space battles...and I want them to be unique in a way. for this other faction I keep talking about. They have more completion to them because they are generally more straight forward in respect to ship design and general concepts.

Also...I considered adding the Halo Array...and if you control them all you can kill everyone just for laughs and end the game...I might be able to pull that off with LUA scripts. I dunno if that is gonna make it to the final cut however. But I will strive to add a Halo just for fan purposes.

Oh yes...Romulans, Dominion, Ferengi, Klingons, and Cardassian all have their own heros too. Its basically first come first serve for whoever conquer their planet. I don't know if I already told you guys this yet however.

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how about maybe having forerunner sentinals protecting the Halo arrays??...

i'm nearly sure i read somewhere lookin through halopedia about sentinals capable of taking on ships several times larger...not too sure though...

still it all sounds great and cant wait for screenshots of GC :D

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by what ive just read about halos they are a last resort suicidal weapon that launches radiation into an immense area
still i dont think can penetrate shields at least not all shows shields as they work differently one from the others
correct (and explain) me if im wrong

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NakedCrook Author

Halos kill all life in the galaxy. Everything dies.

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Hmm, I think a one-time period for heroes is a great idea. It gives both players and the computer another thing to consider with tactics. Instead of "Auto-Resolve" with an AI and they decided to do the Rebel raid feature every time with Obi-Wan. Instead, it makes heroes far more important than they actually are. Something I think EaW/FoC needs to begin with. And up to my knowledge, Picard is the only one who has legit died and come back to life. As for planning out where planets are, have you tried a grid system? There's one that was spread around on filefront for awhile. It had the X,Y coordinates of every stock planet, so then you can just compensate from there.

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NakedCrook Author

I could try a grid system...I will give it a shot...anything would beat trial and error lol.

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oh and bothans are a race known by their great spies and infiltrators

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you should have halo as a supper weapon

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halo itself doesnt move, for what id imagin to be a tremendus cost for just one, you would then have to build extra ones where you wanted. wont make sence.

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NakedCrook Author

He has a point. Halos do not move.

Like I said, If I add all 7 would be for the purpose of letting players be total ******** and killing all life in the galaxy if a game goes on for too long.

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wouldnt kill the player units as well?

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"killing all life in the galaxy" i think thats a yes it kills you too lol

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