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some notice for this mod after v1.61 to 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

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Note that the mod has more modes and control keys than the warband (and some key definitions have changed) when playing, there are several points that need to be set or operated in advance, otherwise it will not play normally:

1. Note that every time you enter the battlefield to use League of Legends or Dota culture, you must press the keypad 0 to select the hero action control script when using the default settings, so that the hero will run their own custom actions and other events with normal scripts. , if you want to use some hidden heroes, you need to look at the extra brf character description file in my instruction folder to modify, and then when you enter the battlefield, according to the prompts, press the number keys on the small keyboard to select the hero control script according to the character name. If you are afraid of trouble, I will adjust this setting in the next version.

2. After entering the game, change the taskbar that the Q key is bound to by default to other keys in the game's built-in settings interface. Because I have added a lot of new keys, it is recommended to change these keys to semicolons, periods, and commas. For the conflict of my other key positions, the Q key is to be used as the No. 1 skill key of qwer, and then pay attention to the difference between the third person and the second skill key under rts, pay attention to the instructions.

3. Note that the description files in the instruction are relatively old, most of the key positions and settings are basically accurate, and the rest of the latest updates and changes are combined with the historical update articles.

4.Please set the maximum frame rate in the game launcher settings to 30 before starting the game

5.Recommended resolution 1360x768, maximized windowing. Because the resolution will affect the display of the custom UI on the far right

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