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What happened in 2021-2022 and developments news.

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Hi all! For 2(!) years there was no news and now I decided to break the silence on the ModDB page.
Throughout the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, I was in military service. For this reason, I had to freeze the mod for a whole year (NOTHING was done during this period). In July 2022, I returned home and started working on the mod, however, the work was not as productive as initially expected. The reason for this was problems in real life, which very often deprived me of time to work on the mod. Now the situation has returned to normal and I continue to work on the mod.

Everything you see does not reflect the final state of the mod.

  • Story
    October 2001. FSB Major Volin receives a call from headquarters - "immediately report to the colonel for an important assignment."
    During the reconnaissance at the crash site of the American drone, communication with the detachment of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is lost. The investigation found that two officers were killed, but the third officer, Major Sergei Letlev, is still alive and is on the run with drone data from the Koslavian nationalists searching for him, who attacked the group earlier. Intelligence believes that in addition to the nationalists, the owners of the drone, American intelligence, may be hunting for him. Officially, Russia and the NATO countries are conducting a joint peacekeeping operation, but this does not prevent the intelligence services of both sides from waging a "cold war".
    Volin's task is to find Letlev alive or dead and prevent the nationalists from receiving data from the drone and to withdraw data from the territory of the country.
  • Maps
    Volin's apartments.
    The apartment of the protagonist, FSB officer Kirill Volin, this is where the game begins.

Frame textures are tempest

  • Characters models.
    Koslavia National Army soldiers (Nationalist).
    In May 1999, the forces of the KNA (Koslav National Army) were recognized by the UN as a terrorist organization, and its leader Marek Balev was put on the international wanted list.

Skin 1

  • Volin model(urban)
    Major Volin in civilian uniform, for sorties on the territory of Koslavia.

That's all the news, the project is being developed, when will the release be? Unfortunately, even I don't know, but it will definitely take place! Thank you for your attention, I'll see you again!

theredmenace_ - - 259 comments

Interesting concept for the mod, I look forward to trying it one day

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LastZlo Author
LastZlo - - 84 comments

Thanks :D

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7ty7 - - 786 comments

Looks promising.

From the description:
find an agent who "knows too much."

Doesn't sound like it's gonna go well for that agent :D

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