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Some news on the current situation cancellation of Clear Skies and the future of Road to Limansk.

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This is just a quick update for those that have been tracking this mod. First I'm moving forward with integrating the new Reclamation Project with the stuff I already setup. I felt that going back and remerging everything was the best bet since the new CSRP fixed so many of the Clear Sky bugs and the scripts were spread out all over the place....sometimes its best to just start over.

Anyway, the big news is the cancellation of Clear Skies by Predator_828. Its both sad and a good thing. Sad because it always sucks to see a mod die. Good, because we are combining our efforts. I think that combining our work into one mod is best for the community and will result in a better mod.

Since its no longer just me, I've also created the Limansk mod team. We don't need testers, but people who know lua, animation, and the Xray/c++ engine are a must. I can muddle my way around programing, but someone who is good at stalker animations is a must and an actual programer would be nice to have on the team.

NanoTheBandit - - 1,259 comments

Since the Clear Skies team joined you. you think its possible to expand the zone storyline?

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SpecShadow - - 685 comments

I wish you all luck then.
No shame in abandoning big projects, you know your limits.

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coap - - 355 comments

Hope you'll manage well and find other people to help!

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NebulaM78 - - 87 comments

It's always good to see mod teams coming together to work on one big mod. Sure it is a shame that their respective projects will be abandoned, but hey, one super mod that combines everything is much better and more supportable than multiple mods.

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