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Not dead and neither is this mod. This must for at least 50 characters long so I'm dragging it out.

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I get a few messages a week asking about this mod so I'll just post some news.

Its not dead. I'm moving forward with porting it to Call of Chernobyl and probably got about 40% of Clear Sky ported. IT took awhile to figure out how the levels, dialog, and other crap worked. I haven't bother posting progress because....well its just Clear Sky. Porting over some dialog or missions from a game we've all played isn't really news worthy.

Real Life is keeping the few team members we have busy. I'm trying to finish up a culinary, hospitality, and dietary program right now so I can relocate to a better place. 16 credit hours takes up ALOT of time.

I'm also sorta burned out with this so I'm working on a weapons mod for Lost Alpha DC. The Pripyat weapons are an improvement, but they are still awful.

Marek33 - - 3,888 comments

It's good to see some news, but it's a pity that it will not be on the Clear Sky engine. However, it's probably for the best. This engine is very buggy and even if it has probably the best graphic of the series (with the mods like the Ghost Land). However, the graphic isn't everything and with all of those add-ons which COC has, this will be surely a great mod for it as well!

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Menumorut - - 580 comments

Don't worry man, i still love you!

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SpecShadow - - 684 comments

Glad to see you doing went to CoCh ship, it need mods.
PS. still got your mod somewhere on the old hard drive (that contain previous OS names WinXP from my old PC, wow).

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Anna_Maniac - - 319 comments

Good to see you're still alive and kicking.

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lgs - - 127 comments

Porting CS to CoP is actually huge news

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Dando[SVK] - - 669 comments

Glad to see this mod isn't dead.Good luck with porting

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InKviZ_UA - - 20 comments

Good News!!!

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marsalandrei - - 817 comments

Awesome. vanilla weapons are crap in COP, i like shoc more tbh. some from cop some from shoc

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TheLeadHead - - 364 comments

"Porting over some dialog or missions from a game we've all played isn't really news worthy."

I would disagree. If there's one thing I have learned from years of following mod development and dabbling my own feet in development, is that no update is ever too small to talk about, especially when it comes to porting things to a new engine. Yes, it' not the most exciting thing ever, like adding new features and alike, but it's still a very fascinating thing for those, like me, who are very "tech-mind" oriented.

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BearLichan - - 842 comments

Need somebody to do animations? :P

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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