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We've got some new plans related to the releasing of our game.

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Hey, everyone. We've got some new plans going on which we recently discussed. The basic jist of it is this. We're gonna start designing our Alpha build to be more playable for testing AND enjoyment purposes. This will make the game a bit more fun to play with. The REASON we're doing this is because we're going to go public with our game. Basically, we'll periodically release a public version of the game after X amount of time. The current time will most likely be every 50 days but this might change. So, instead of making one release after we move to a new phase, we're just gonna start releasing the game. This will give us more fans and more popularity. PLUS, everyone loves new games. I do want to note that our 50 day count down does not start JUST because I made this post. For example, we could release the first Public Alpha Revision in a week or it could be 8 months from now. But when DO make our first release, the 50 day countdown will start and will repeat after we release the next revision over and over until we decide to stop or we finish the game.
~Anase Skyrider

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