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From my New Canon group. One small short story from the New Canon.

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Eh ... It was the case.

From the notes of Captain Nikolai Krasich.

Ask .... Hah ... Azis Lustful ... Do you think he always was our ally? Aha! So I you and believed him ... Yes, he is the same to us as an ally .... Yandova or the Plague Horde. And how many wars we had with these filthy barbarians. With Nargon, too, the war was fought ....
It was interesting today. Bartholomew, as always, treated me to tea at his estate. He spoke of our soon departure to Nargon-kale. He said a lot. About Aziz said a couple of words. Kind words. And I immediately shut it up. As they say, Bartholomew is my friend, but the truth will be more precious. Never Azis was not an ally. The fact that he decided now to stir up this shalanda with the union, not because of his awakened peace. What there ... Peacefulness .... Azis Lustful is far from being peaceful. Far far away ....
"Come on," Bartholomew tells me. "We have not fought anybody for ten years." And even more so with the Nargon Empire. The quarrels ended. The days were gone ....
"And by the way, I support the sergeant," Princess Volkonska agrees.
Of course, we always have Volkonskaya in our repertoire. Azis charmed her with his charm. Of course .... Such a powerful and rich ruler of the whole east. How much he gave her jewelry, even scary to imagine. This lady is always trembling with something unreasonable ..... Forgive me for such expressions. Although to whom I address? No one will see the same diary. You think ... I decided to write Nicholas among the nights of thought.
Nobody gave it up. And no one will see it. Nobody ever ... probably. And my little wife will not show .... But okay, I'll return to the main topic. Something bore me ....
Azis is mistakenly idolized. Notice, guys. Azis Lustful is not who he says he is. And, to put it mildly, still ... Firstly, let's look at his image. Ludicrous bearded middle-aged peasant. Lustful to the point of madness. He has a huge harem on the whole planet. Concubines a thousand ... I do not understand why Volkonskaya is so dragged from him ... This is a disgusting man. Disgusting in everything. In all senses. There is nothing and nothing more disgusting than Azis Lustful. King of kings and emperor of emperors. He imagines himself to be the greatest Shakhshshah. His arrogance with each time only grows.
"But we are allies," the sergeant will again say during a coffee-tale conversation. "Now we are friends with Nargon."
Yes ... Friends .... But to Aziz I'm definitely not a friend. Yes, in his presence, I restrain myself. Etiquette, my princes ... His Highness, Mr. Etiquette .... And this gentleman does not allow me to bite a bastard. To the bastard ... Hah, bastard. Yes, this is the only way to baptize Aziz. Bastard, arrogant and pompous peacock, lascivious nedonosok. To say why I do not like him? Although I ask anyone ... No one will know my diary ... So, perhaps, I should say. It is worth all to paint. At least for myself ....
I remember my father. Azis then only went to the throne. Father was a general under the tsar-father. Received the title of Count of South Bork. He commanded an elite hussar corps. Officer and aristocrat. Mighty was a man .... Mighty, as my mother used to say ... My mother did not like the soul in him. Loved him more than anyone else in the world ... Perhaps, even more than me. But my father had seen a lot of things ... He would have said a word now, but it's a pity he's not been there for a long time .... However, I know him. I would now say in my proud tone.
- Azis? But what an ally. He is the same ally to us, as an aspid damned, that he bites people.
My dad loved my dad. His name was by the way, Mauritius. A good husband was. Kind and glorious. Father as a father. The father is not only his son, but all the soldiers.
And so .... Actually, it was. Azis, as I said, only ascended to the throne. The father of this nedonoka mysteriously died ... But I bet that Azis personally travannul. Oh, he can ... Shrewd beast. Cunning and two-faced crap ... That's all there is to it.
Started in those days, a distant war between us and the Nargonians. Aziz came and put the demands. Says, give Outland to the south. Belonged to Nargon and will belong. I offered a lot of gold to the Tsar. But what for us is Outland? Is it just an unnecessary piece of land? No matter how! We shed blood for him. There are many monasteries .... Monks live. Previously, under the Horde were, then moved to us. And Azis claimed the rights to these lands. He says I will give you as much gold as your whole people weigh. Our king refused. Molvil, Outland - the true land of the Muscovites. Since the time of the Mother See, the settlers lived there. Lived, the land plowed, cultivated. Cities built ... Historical land for our people. Abode of the God of the Sun.
My father was in negotiations. Then he told me a lot. Azis personally saw. Only one word came into his head ... It's an abomination. Mister Abomination. Already being a young man, this Lustful Tsar got concubines. I came to Borkovgrad with a bunch of servants. Exhibited his guardsmen. And he himself, like a pretty girl, decorated himself. Lips painted scarlet lipstick, eyes let down .... All in gold. Everything in gold he had there. The mantle is in gold, its cap is long in gold, the earrings are gold .... The beard is braided in braids. Hoops, gold ...
"I ask Outland for the Nargon Empire," this king said at the court of our ruler. - These land once under our power were .... The father of my great-grandfather, Al-Sipadzian, defeated the tribes of Nirrtu and put his ziggurat in honor of victory. Then came other nations, knocked out the Nargonians ... Ziggurat was destroyed. But the land does not belong to Moscana .... The spirits of our gods live there.
"We will not give Outland," our Muscovite said at the time. "Our land is ours." And do not ask for more. It was a long time ago, and there is no longer any king of En-Sipadziana. Your requests are rejected.
Aziz was offended ... Offended. Even under the tsar, our father allowed himself to be cursed. Boyars and nobles around fussed. They say, "Drive the king of the people of the damned." They drove Azis Lustful out of the palace. The ruler of Nargon went back to his home in the capital. And then he began to quietly gather troops. And considerable troops. Janissaries gathered for a month, he equiped the guards. Solakov from all provinces called. All with rifles and muskets. The horsemen assembled the mighty. Yes, and invaded Outland, wretch. At what was invaded in a cunning way. Everything was quiet ... Sly.
The official did not declare war. Just attacked and all ... He sent General Artashes with cavalry to rob Outland. My father unfortunately was sitting in the province then. His fortress was close to Outland. And in the city provincial his adjutant was. Dispatched the provisions, handed orders to the local colonel Skryabin. The young adjutant was still young. His name was Gregory Tikhonov. Young ... very young. But Father loved him. The truth drove a lot ... But he loved. Liked, almost like me.
And, in short, Tikhonov and Scriabin were in the capital of Outland. But then the horde of Nargonskaya flooded. The army of Artashes arrived. Shahinshah's shoemakers ... All with weapons. Even the guns were brought. Horsemen came to every village. At first they asked the authorities of Nargon to submit to peace. Someone of course served them. The elders used to sit, they would cook, they would make the decision. Part of the villages bent ... Do not die all at once. And the Nargon flags mounted on the buildings of the village councils. And General Artashes placed his representatives. They were called Punisher. We sat in the villages and were commanded by all. Even the squads from the local created.
Then the army of Nargon went deep. To the capital of the province moved, devils filthy. Artashes with cavalry came forward. Here the peasants were more brave. They will think of women and men, and they will say at once. "But do not you go, demon Nargon, back to your painted king?". And the angry fury in their eyes will appear. Such anger that the dragon in the shower can not find. The villagers were angry with the invaders of the damned.
Submitted to Artashes spies him, that dozens of villages do not want to obey. The general thought about the future .... He spoke with his assistants, what to do .... Burn everyone ... Or into slavery. Maybe Aziz quietly sent a letter ... What Azis answered, I do not know ... But my father believes that he answered in the most rigid way. And the answer was a lot of lives among my fellow tribesmen.
Artashes soon returned to the unruly villages. Came the burners with torches. Riders brought a lot. Collected the peasants and in the barns posoparili. And then they burned everyone down ... the devils are filthy. And the children were burned. And they burned women ... And the old people .... I do not want to talk about men. Cut the steel all villages unruly. Artashes, cursed beast, the regime tightened in controlled villages. He sent messengers. He ordered all those who just vyaknet dissatisfaction which, to execute immediately. Sent executioners to every village. They were ready to cut the babies with axes. Blood poured into the lands of Outland. Blood and violence.
Then Artashes came to the capital of this region. The province turned into a battlefield. Blood poured down the river. The Nargonians spared no one. They killed everyone indiscriminately. Artashes had something to think about .. Whether Aziz gave him the order, or if he himself was violated by violence .... Father did not say much. One only told. The history of his adjutant and colonel of the local. Tikhonov Grigory Ivanovich and Anatoly Skryabin. Gods ... How much they carried .... Scriabin was lucky. He died immediately ... Muk almost did not experience.
Nargonians came to the capital of Outland. They demanded to surrender. There was nothing to do ... Surrendered. And here Artashes like barking an insane order. "Cutting everyone!" - heard his screams all over the edge, "All indiscriminately." And raged. The city was burnt. All Moskan soldiers were taken prisoner, and then shot like a drill. The horrible massacres began. Colonel poor Scriabin horses ripped. Then they carried his body pieces all over the city. It was terrible ... Tikhonov will never forget this ... And he did not forget. He himself also got it.
They bring, therefore, Gregory to the headquarters of Artashes, which he made in the local town hall. He was whipped for no reason. They beat them with boots. And they drag him into the rooms of the General of the Nargon. Himself General, all of himself .... In a uniform with epaulettes of gold. In scarlet blokes. With a saber gilded on his side. She looks at Grishka with utter contempt .... He looks as if he were a slave of some kind. Herod, he's rotten.
- Why did they attack? Then Tikhonov asked. "What did we do to you?"
"You drove the king of our Azis," Artashes said in response, while still touching the saber, "The Emperor was insulted." The earth was not given. And if shahinshah is angry .... War can not be avoided.
"So he sent you?" - Grisha's voice was heard.
"You can say that," the general said immediately, with an ominous smile. "But I'll save your life ... You like it hurts." Young still ... I do not want to kill you. But you must fulfill one condition.
Here in the room, two bales of salads in caftans enter. One is carried by the statue of our God Sunny, and the second with a portrait. Tikhonov looked at the portrait, and then Azis found out in it. His bearded, painted face. The face of a two-faced bastard.
The general, then, looks at Grishka with glowing eyes. And he smiles ... a reptile. She smiles at the same time.
"Smash the statue of your god," the voice of Artashes heard. "And trample it." Tell for all of us ... that from the god of your false one you renounce. And the Shakhinshah of our Azis is on a par with the Creator. Kiss then a portrait of our emperor, bow to him and be free.
Tikhonov was horrified. Split the statue of the God of the Sun .... Sacrifice is great. And he was devoted to our Grishka's faith. Betrayed better than many confessors ... He believed sincerely in his god, and could not go on such a thing. He could not kiss the portrait of the murderer perverted. He did not dare. I would not forgive myself this sin.
- No! - sharply replied the adjutant of my father - Never! Never!
"Then it will be bad for you," Artashes said with a grin.
Then Tikhonov was led to the basement cellars. And I saw an aide-de-camp, how the soldiers of the Aziz were tormented there. Everything was turned into torture cells. Someone's chapters were smothered, someone crushed their legs ... A nightmare ... The bug that Tikhonov told me. We killed our people slowly and terribly. The executioners are damned.
Grishka was ordered to give twenty lashes. But the executioner was spiteful. He says twenty-five is the best number. After all, his birthday was April twenty-fifth. And he decided to make fun of big things. He beat Tikhonov until he lost consciousness. Then they threw an adjutant bloodied in a bowl with water rotten. They held him there no less than noon. Wounds so healed and did not have time ... It was lucky that they did not get bogged down, otherwise it would have been hard.
The next morning, Grisha was taken to General Artashes. And the fan said the same words. "Bow," he said, "To Shakhinshah, otherwise it will be worse, we'll cut our toes off, you can not walk." And then it will be even worse .... And so on until the Shakhinshah of our God will not be honored. Then let's go .... Unless, of course, there's still something left from you. "
And this time our adjutant did not flinch. Only cleverly did. He escaped from the hands of his tenacious executioners ... He rushed to the portrait of Aziz with all his might and spat at him. Then the spear grabbed that the guard had one. And he finished off the spear with this. He flicked his gun, and smote the general's eye. Collapsed the commander of Nargon. The blood streamed down from his head.
The guard is all in a panic .... The general is killed. They do not have a commander.
"Artashes was killed!" - the voices of soldiers were heard everywhere - Artashes was killed .... Gad!
Tikhonov took advantage of this. The gun was mine. I shot all those who were in the office of the general. Then he got out of the town hall and escaped from the town hall .... He quickly escaped. Guards everywhere rushed, searched for him, and he really disappeared into the city. Then he heard only the sounds of the horns. Then ours sounded .... Our brave kids.
The troops of my father, Mavrik Pavlovich, approached the capital of the region. Hussars dashing rushed on horses. The whole father drove the regiment into a great battle. There was a fight, but a small one. Artashes fell ... Nargonsts quickly mounted on horses, and then followed away from the city. The capital of Outland was left. But many had time to put hussars Borkovsky. Cut at least two hundred enemies with sabers sharp. Ah ... Well done, hussars! Brave kids!
My father then found his adjutant in the city. He was exhausted and injured. His back was covered with ulcers. Gregory was ordered to the doctors to deliver. They thought that sepsis would catch ... But nothing happened. Soon our hero, mighty, rose on his feet. Again the sword began to wave. With the hussars, he then dealt with individual Nargon detachments all over Outland. And so Grigory with my Maurice, my father, began to fight side by side. They found the last large parts of the Nargonians and defeated them in the battle near Lake Blue.
Then, of course, the tsar sent our father in Nargon-kal to his ambassadors to Azis. They said ambassadors to the shakhshshahu filthy that if the troops did not withdraw from Outland, the army of Moskan would break them all, and then invade the boundaries of the Nargon Empire. The ambassadors threatened that they would seize Nargon-kale. And what do you think, gentlemen? ... What do you think? Do you think Azis Lustful was afraid of threats ??? Oh yeah .... He was frightened ... Or he was playing some own game of which we did not know .... The ambassadors told our king that Azis was pale, like a sick man. He turned pale so that his face turned into an ice floe. Mascara flowed through his eyes dyed.
- And we did not attack .... - claimed Aziz Lustful, - It's not my army ....
"Why not yours?" - the ambassadors asked, - Under your banners, they came forward. Outland was looted ... Thousands killed. The innocent were executed. Infants burned ... Women ... old people. Yours is the army, oh greatest liar!
"It's not my army," Shakhinshakh Nargonsky cried at the time. "Not mine!" And Artashes ... Artashes General .... He betrayed me. Threatened to dislodge from the throne. I collected my army from the bandits ... I stole my flags ... And the war provoked me. Our countries wanted to quarrel. Of course, I'm also offended at Moskan .... But I would never have invaded it. And Artashes is a traitor. And he will receive punishment!
"He will not," replied one of the envoys. "We've already killed him!" Warriors of General Mauritius Krasic. They decided the damned fucking man. The spear stabbed him in the eye.
For a second, then, Azis flinched. And then I created a semblance of a smile .... And nobody knows if that smile was real or not. He praised the kingdom of Moscows. He said that the age would be grateful for getting rid of such a scoundrel. He cursed Artashes with the last words .... Some of the ambassadors believed Aziz, the other considered him a liar and a cunning. The negotiations ended there. Such are the cases.
And what do you think was next? Our czar-father has concluded an alliance with Nargon ... All the atrocities committed against Artashes were dumped. Azis again came to our capital, Borkovgrad. To make peace with our ruler arrived. They talked for a long time among themselves, and soon they communicated as friends and allies. But I did not like it terribly to my father, Mauritius. And Gregory was completely out of his mind. He did not understand this outcome of events. They believed with Batka that it was Azis who was responsible for the crimes. Surely Aziz did not know about the actions of his general ?! And if Artashes is such a traitor and rebel, why should he praise the shahinshah ?! Why did he make Grishka's poor portrait of the sovereign kiss? No ... Gentlemen, everything does not converge ... But how to prove it? No ... No way to prove it.
Soon, our Powers concluded a military alliance. Azis ceased to demand Outland. Refused this idea ... But none of the people there have forgotten the crime. No one has forgotten how the Nargonians executed mercilessly children and old people. Nothing is forgotten ... And nothing is forgiven. My father and Gregory did not forget. Until the death of my father, he used to say that the Nargonians are not the best words. He poured mud on them almost daily. It was painful for him to see how our tsar and the Nargonians jumped. With Asis, he hunts and drinks together. It hurts to see all this .....
But what to do now. You can not prove it ... If Grishka took this Artashes, maybe he could find out. And now everything is gone. What was, there is no more. And the mystery of the great is unknown. Although ... Tells my heart that without Azis was not done. Not without reason, even at the beginning of this note, he mentioned his hidden blows. Always, when I looked into the eyes of the Shakhshshah, I saw something dark and sinister. He always seemed to me a son of a bitch ... A two-faced tyrant who has his own game .... He easily got off. He blamed the blame on some general ... But I'm sure that the army sent it to him. And carefully prepared.
So ... If anyone finds this diary, gentlemen ... Although I, of course, hope that my notes will remain a secret .... But if all this happens. I'll tell you something ... Do not believe the Aziz. Do not believe him ..... Do not believe nargontsam. They are not worthy of it. They are unworthy .... My father still used to say about them. About Asis, he expressed many curses. "He will destroy us all," Mavriky once said with a cup of tea, "He'll kill us all ... Remember my words." And who knows ....
Who knows ... Is my dad right? Or wrong? Who knows ..... Probably, no one will know .... But no matter how many people used to say about Azis, I'll tell you what .... Never will he be our friend ... Our brother or ally .. .. And even if the whole planet recognizes it as good, I will be the only one who will have his own opinion. And my opinion will not change .... Even if it's done by God .... I'll stay with mine. And my father is also ..... And Tikhonov, now deceased already ..... Do not believe Aziz. He is not worth it .... He is clearly something started ....He is not good person. He wanted to do something... awful...
And this is something .... Coming soon. You'll see. It's coming. Death is near...


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