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Some of the Legendary items avalible in-game From doing Tankers!

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Here is a List of Legendary Items avalible in-game!

BraveHeart Battle Armor: Item HP: 3000, Price: $10,000 Per Piece, Weight: Helm= 15 Body= 75

Helm: 5+ Strength 2+ Luck -1 agility, Defence 30
Body: 30 Resistance to all, 5+ Big guns, 5+ Small guns -10 agility, Defence 80

Info: BraveHeart Power armor is A very strong and Shiney armor, glowing a very bright silver/white, this armor belonged to captain Braveheart, who was killed adventuring in the Ghoul kings Lair, his armor now waits down their for you!

Found: Body: Ghoul Kings lair, Ghoul King (level 35) Also Dropped: 3000 Caps, 10 Stimpacks
Helm: Ghoul Kings Lair, Flesh Ripper (level 35) Also Dropped 2500 Caps, 10 Stimpacks

Ice Claw's leather: Item Hp: 2500, Price: $12,000, Weight: 45

Body: 15+ to all Resistance's, 8+ Small Guns, 10+ repair 10+ melee weapons, 5+ agility.

Info: Ice Claw was a Famous Traveler of the wasteland, Iceclaw was Killed While Blood Bear Cave.

Found: Body: Blood bear Cave. Frosty the Snow Bear (level 30) Also Dropped: 2500 Caps.

More to come soon!


Braveheart Battle Armour? Ghoul King?? seriously, are you trying to WoW Fallout 3? Get more post apoc stories rather than nerdy WoW styled stories for these...

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