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So let's talk about the second alpha demo and what will be in it, shall we?

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After releasing the first alpha demo I got some really helpful comments about the camera positions and the overall feel of the camera movement so this is something I am working on at the moment even though it's not perfect in the new alpha demo just yet(it will be in the full version...or at least it will be easier to use!). Other than that I found some design problems in terms of game mechanics and gameplay when I watched some of the amazing Let's Play of the first demo, thanks a bunch to everyone who made(is making) one, by the way!

So the alpha demo will include a more polished version of the beach level. Releasing the same level again without much new content would have been rather boring though, so the new demo will also include the "strangely familiar jungle" level, which was already shown to those who attended Cologne game lab's Student Showcase during Gamescom 2015. This level includes something...special which I would love to talk and scream about right now but I did promise not to do it so I won't ruin the surprise!

Another little extra will be the titlescreen and levelselectscreen(an animated book with turnable pages), because I want to know what you guys think about it and how it feels to turn pages in it! :)

Last but not least, the game will include first details about the game's plot to finally lift the curton on this matter a bit(beware for potentail full game spoilers though...).

I can't really tell you when the new alpha demo will come out(I try to fix as many bugs as possible before hand) but I will make sure to let you know as soon as possible!


Did I mention that the game works perfectly now with a Retrolink N64 styled gamepad? ;)


so freaking good man, thank u for bringing this type of game back!

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You should add this news post to GameJolt because the game is more popular on that website.

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