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here i have some good and bad news for everyone. read below:

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Hello everybody!
Bad news first: after reviewing our work for infantry general i've decided to delay the beta to add some new stuff and improve the things we have. I need some new modelers to help out with our progress.

good news: we have added some new units to the game:

-Strike team - a group of 4 spec ops.
-Multi-purpose Squad - consists of 9 flak troopers and 1 sniper.

both squads can be garrisoned in bunkers.

-Flag bearer - has a propaganda bonus, a mobile propaganda tower
-clone of Mao Tse-Tung - what else can i say? as of now he has all the powers from all the heroes and has a sniper. and a propaganda boost.

-Propaganda Ministry - chinese equivalent of the strategy center. so far has 2 boosts:
--Teachings of Battle - +50% Damage and +50% Rate of Fire
--Teachings of Defence - +50% Range and +50% Rate of Fire

the propaganda center is renamed to tech center but has the same tech. the Barracks will also have a new model and be renamed to Conscripting center. We're also going to give the hacker the ability to lay a mine field (or i might just make a new unit for this).

we're also going to add a flamethrower and mortar infantry, even though their both Clichéd.

Don't forget to visit our mod hompage here. and feel free to sign up.


mortar and flamethrower infantry? :P

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they were going to be in generals to begin with, you cant say that is stealing ideas dude xD

besides you used eas models practically XD

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Admiral-165 Author

a Cliché is when their is something that you've seen a million times before. i know you were just joking but if i really wanted to i could say that you stole that idea off Contra or some other mod. Every ZH mod that comes out now always has some type of Mortar and Flamethrower infantry. and what can i say? they're useful after all!

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well, I just teasing you :P
and I don't say you are stealing my idea, those units are everywhere

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