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I need some help with my AI since it isnt fully working as intended.

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Hello there! its me, GDI Grenadier, here again to ask for some help.

That help is need for my AI since it is not fully working as intended. I dont fully understand how the AI works so i just changed some numbers here and there and thought it would work.

Here is the code:

; ULTRAKILL AI mode, where the AI mass spams every unit they can at you.


DefenseLimit=1000 ; maximum number of defensive buildings to build
AALimit=1000 ; maximum number of anti-aircraft buildings to build
WarLimit=20              ; never build more than this many war factories
PowerSurplus=500 ; Improves defense
EasyAIGoldValue=-1 ; gold credits per 'bail' carried by a Easy AI harvester
EasyAIGemValue=-1 ; gem credits per 'bail' carried by a Easy AI harvester
NormalAIGoldValue=-1 ; gold credits per 'bail' carried by a Normal AI harvester
NormalAIGemValue=-1 ; gem credits per 'bail' carried by a Normal AI harvester
HardAIGoldValue=-1 ; gold credits per 'bail' carried by a Hard AI harvester
HardAIGemValue=-1 ; gem credits per 'bail' carried by a Hard AI harvester
TeamDelays=200,250,350 ; Improves offense
AISafeDistance=25 ; Improves offense
TeamDelays=200,250,350 ; Improves offense
MinimumAIDefensiveTeams=5,4,3 ; Improves defense
MaximumAIDefensiveTeams=7,6,5 ; Improves defense




So if you all have any way of helping please do by contacting me here on discord: GDI Grenadier#3642

Yuris Revenge 19 09 2021 17 44

(Images are here cause Moddb is forcing me to do so. :( )


I've only seen this by the way.
So I can't imagine that anything works well here.
Set the limit for defensive buildings of the AI to 1000 + 1000 for air defense. In what time should AI be able to build so much? Where should the AI build them? (Lack of building space) The AI must also supply them sufficiently with energy!
I also don't see the point of the other changes.

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