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Hello everyone! Take a look at new video about top-10 unusual NPCs deaths in the game. Also you can check the newest screens and full description of our work for the last week.

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Hello everyone! Take a look at new video about top-10 unusual NPCs deaths in the game. Also you can check the newest screens and full description of our work for the last week.

!!! This week we've hit the top-20 among more then 23 000 other projects on IndieDB!! Hurrah !!!

  • These bugs were fixed:
    • With an error for the new animation effect "falling into space" for exoskeletons;
    • With incorrect order of frames for the visalization of the exoskeleton's animation;
    • With autorepairing of frame construction;
    • With cancelling of an NPC's task while pathfinding to a destination point;
    • With incorrect choosing of map object for autorepair;
    • With laser visualization on the local space map during ship movement;
    • With shifting of low moving shell from the micromanagement map level into the local space map;
    • With exoskeletons reloading while performing an autorepair;
    • With incorrect visualization of the assembling process for constructions;
  • Condition for game over was added; occurs when all of player's V.I. modules are destroyed;
  • Manual building-kit was added for NPCs (was previously only possible to build while in an exoskeleton);
  • Technics and their operatin algorithms were added for "active and passive defense systems", "anti-missile laser complex", "anti-spacecraft cannon complex", and "kinectic shield generator";
  • New class "shield" for objects was added, as well as its mechanics for operating;
  • Test types of technics were added for "automatic deploying of thermal decoys" and "launcher for dusty veil anti rocket system", work continues on completing their operation principles;
  • New shell types were added like "thermal false target" and "dusty veil", work continues on the operation algorithm for dusty veil;
  • New task for NPC "autorepair" was added, as well as the NPC logic for finding damaged sections;
  • New task for NPC "fire extinguishing" was added, as well as the NPC logic and behavior while performing the task;
  • Calculations were added for collisions between shells of specific types;
  • New types of meteoroids were added: one meteoroid that consists of different resources, and another meteoroid that splits into fragments for disspersed impact;
  • New types of space-suits were added - technical and medical;
  • Test version of object type "space moss" was added, work continues on completing its influence on the environment;
  • New space-suit sprites for technic and medic were added;
  • New sprites for defense systems were added;
  • Sprites for exoskeletons and its hardware for skeletal animation were fully redrawn;
  • Work continues on detailing space objects such as planets, asteroid belts, comets, asteroids and others;
  • New music tracks were added; Work continues on in-game sounds;
  • New storyline scenarios were added for demo version of our alpha build; work continues on storyline and dialogue, which will provide 1.5-2 hours of uninterrupted gameplay;

More info you can find on our website and blog with devlogs



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I can't even find any demo for this.. When will it come out? The damn footage is awesome

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AlexMartial Author

Hey, guys! Thanks a lot for your feedback. We really need our own evangelists. Spread the word about Sol-Ark to your friends. That will allow us to complete the demo more quickly. Approximate date of the first free playable demo for broad auditory - April of 2015.

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