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Hello, everyone! We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (13/05/2015 CheckPoint) and new gameplay video.Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

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Hello, everyone! We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (13/05/2015 CheckPoint) and new gameplay video.
Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

13/05/2015 Devlog
* collision between two ships

13/05/2015 Devlog
* new starting template of Sol-Ark for the technical demo

13/05/2015 Devlog
* From now you can gather a fuel (mix of H2/He3) near a gas giant

13/05/2015 Devlog
* Viewing of the enemy ship during space battle

13/05/2015 Devlog
* Operation of thermal decoys launchers and shunting engines

New gameplay video, build # 0.030/37 (13/05/2015)

13/05/2014 Devlog - Indie DB

List of performed work:

  • These bugs are fixed:
    • With incorrect material setting in the construction window to build a “wall”;
    • With inability to minimize the construction menu drop-down list;
    • With size change for square mouse cursor while changing zoom on the micromanagement map level;
    • With pathfinding to an empty tile near a selected technic object;
    • With searching for the nearest task type “to build technics”;
    • With gas concentration calculation near planet type - “gas giant”;
    • With incorrect coordinate interposition for objects during “screen shake” effect;
    • With reloading for kinetic shield when power supply is absent;
    • With switching off all power resources when you press buttons “turn off all technics” or “turn off all technics with low priority”;
    • With visualization of fractional numbers in some text panels;
    • With “rotate technic” task performed by an exoskeleton when the technic has already been rotated to the required direction;
    • With setting “inactive” status for tasks;
    • With inactive tasks chosen by an NPC;
    • With calculation of amount of total resources inside a container type “water tank”;
    • Other bugs;
  • “Screen shake” effect was added for the space background during collision between locations and while flying in warp space;
  • Loading indication was added for all types of containers;
  • Sprites for sunbeams were added and their animation was implemented;
  • Indication for a technic’s rotation was added during its construction or while moving;
  • Ability to rotate a technic in required direction was added for their dynamic menus;
  • Ability to gather fuel from planet type “gas giant” was added;
  • Window was added for wake-up and name/profession view for an NPC inside an anabiosis chamber;
  • Indication of status “damaged” and “off” was added for technics;
  • “Components” section for construction window was added;
  • From now on pirate ships use “kinetic shield generator” technics;
  • From now on a NPC with random specialization can be placed inside anabiosis chambers;
  • From now on during task “move technics” all icons disappear in the dynamic menu;
  • From now on the local space map level buttons for cannons are not shown if those cannons are absent on Sol-Ark;
  • From now on in a specific menu you can’t select “deploy” task for technics or constructions when there are not enough resources;
  • Switching connecting bays on/off is performed for a whole group of the nearest bays in the selection window for connecting position;
  • Corrections were made for the warp’s visualziation parameters;
  • Balance corrections were made for power production/consumption/storage of technics;
  • Parameter corrections were made for saving ships into the template. All templates are modified with new parameters;
  • Dynamics were changed for damage distribution during collisions between locations;
  • Characteristics for creature type “cockroaches” were changed;
  • Work continues on filling random derelict stations with technics and other objects;
  • Work continues on the first official teaser video for the game;
  • New music tracks were created; work continues on voice, sound and music coverage for the teaser video;
  • Work continues on polishing balance, fixing small errors and creating content for the first demo-version of the game to be released to a broad audience;
  • Work continues on filling and polishing the GDD;

Join us on Sol-Ark's official website to know more.
Check our blog with devlogs to see how the game evolves


Great update! Looking awesome and getting me real hyped for testing! :)

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AlexMartial Author

Thanks, Adam! We are glad that you are with us.

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Same here! Losing sleep just thinking about this game. Fantastic!!!

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AlexMartial Author

Thanks for such words. They mean a lot for every developer. We deeply appreciate your support. guys!

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Could I be more excited? Maybe. Would it be healthy? Probably not!

Loved the recent dev video where a semi-routine docking procedure turned into a nightmare of explosions, fires and the cold vacuum of space.

Remember: rocket launchers don't kill people. Well-intentioned soldiers with bad aim do!

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Your enthusiasm is hereby authorized to reach critical/unhealthy levels. A lot can start going wrong all at once, you may find this out sooner than later, Mr. Strand. I'll share a secret with you: despite my own astronaut's lack of caution with the rocket launchers, it was totally my fault that half the ship caught on fire--I didn't put out some of the fire from the random event higher up in my ship. WHoops!

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