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Hello, everyone! We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (16/06/2015 CheckPoint). Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

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Hello, everyone!

We are updating our thread with a regular devlog (16/06/2015 CheckPoint).

Take a look, how Sol-Ark evolves right before your eyes!

Screens and gifs 17/06/2015

Screens and gifs 17/06/2015

Screens and gifs 17/06/2015


List of performed work:

  • These bugs are fixed:
    • With enemy ship AI becoming inactive after disconnecting from a location;;
    • With exoskeletons “freezing” when their charge is too low;
    • With NPC’s attempt to wear a space suit from an empty space suit rack;
    • With enemy ships attacking the Sol-Ark during connection;
    • With impossibility to move some objects on the recharging platform;;
    • With error in searching for damaged tiles while autorepairing task is selected and there are not enough required resources;
    • With coordinate displacement for dynamic technic sprites after these technics were moved onto another tile;
    • With searching for a task with higher priority after completing the task “build constructions”;
    • With current task cancelation for an exoskeleton when it has a low charge;
    • With loading order for containers while collecting resources;
    • With critical error in the micromanagement map view of a location while it moves away;
    • With incorrect movement speeds for asteroid belt layers on the star system map level;
    • With checking error for asteroid sprites appearing on the local space and micromanagement map levels while arriving to the asteroid belt on the star system map level;
    • With extra task performing “move on 5 tiles in random direction” after completing another low priority task;
    • Error with operating logic of kinetic shield after it’s manually switched off by the player;
    • Error with visualization of geometric objects by GPU;
    • With NPCs searching for exoskeletons or manual 3D printers at large distances;
    • Other bugs;
  • Ability to exit in the main menu by pressing “ESC” was added;
  • Separate music track was set for the event “enemy wave”;
  • Operating algorithm was added for an exoskeleton, which needs to recharge, when there is no available recharging platform;
  • From now on combat mode is on when there are some enemies on the micromanagement map level;
  • New triggers were added for quest performance;
  • New indication was added for impassable damaged tiles on the micromanagement map level;
  • Ability to cancel squad task was added;
  • New sprites for enemy soldiers were added;
  • Pause was added for NPC action “pick up a weapon/tool”;
  • Welding effect was added for the dismantle process;
  • For some random events autopause was canceled;
  • Operating algorithm was modified for gravity brake;
  • From now on a NPC with specialty “engineer” has priority for dynamic technics “exoskeleton” as default;
  • From now technics type “door” during manual opening/closing by player gets status “manual control”;
  • Operating algorithm was upgraded for standard buttons;
  • Operating algorithm was upgraded for pathfinding with checking for the nearest target objects;
  • The GUI was overhauled on the micromanagement map level;
  • Work continues on the visualization algorithm for the micromanagement map level by the GPU;
  • Work continues on the first official teaser video for the game;
  • New music tracks were created; work continues on voice, sound and music coverage for the teaser video;
  • Work continues on polishing balance, fixing small errors and creating content for the first demo-version of the game to be released to a broad audience; Work continues on filling and polishing the GDD;

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ArKanGelMaRk5 - - 103 comments

Is there something wrong with the second last gif?

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AlexMartial Author
AlexMartial - - 73 comments

Yes! Unfortunately, it's error after uploading on IndieDB. I've checked source gif and everything is OK with it. I'll be able to fix it because, after that we need to get authorization again. Sorry for that. Check our blog if you want to look at all gifs in normal quality.

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