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I start developing refractored version of S_OGL engine and i decide to give it to all for free. Now you will have oportunity to develop your own games also upgrade supra as you wish, changing code (Is 100r;ee you can use it in your own commercial projects) makeing own mods , upgrading , bulid own tools etc :) Engine will be released in few days. First version will not have multiplayer but i will make it as soon as possible :) Also i want to add skin based animation but its still future plan.

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Becouse Supra Torque is written in old S_OGL engine version you will need to wait until i will port full supra source code first release can not be complete (im 100% sure there will not be multiplayer i want do it good) New engine is writen as simple as possible (including some optymalizations for older pc) only think that can be sad is that there is no documentation but source code of supra will be a good Tutorial how to use engine (Game will use as much effects and stuff as possible ) Thats all :) Wait for update.

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