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Just a quick and dirty status update on what each one of us is currently working on :)

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Time for a quick and dirty update from the Exit Strategy HQ! Let's go: Soenke and Michael have been very busy in September with our secret sideproject "Codename: ESE3". We're committed to wrap the game's development up very soon and sent out the first beta to friends of ours today and will expand the circle of testers further throughout October. Even though we haven't done any work on it for long periods of time, it has been in the back of our heads the whole time and it is a distraction from PONH. This doesn't change the fact that we still believe it's a cool game and it's great to get in the mindset of fixing, polishing and wrapping up a project again. Hey and if we can make some money on the side for the development of PONH - even better! I won't start throwing around release dates yet, but we're close!

Having said that development of PONH has continued in the meantime. Skjalg's work on the character controller is really starting to shine: spline surfing, ground stomping, grappling hook swinging, holding onto edges, kicking enemies, sliding down hills, ... - it's all there and Skjalg is now making sure that we can also use the new movement code for our AI enemies. Now we just need to improve those animations and we can record a video! ;) Speaking of which: I've finally found a great 3D animator who is going to help us out in this department. Can't wait to see his work in-game!

What else have I been up to? I'm jumping between a lot of different tasks: preparing the launch of ESE3, still talking to folks about bringing PONH to consoles, updating production documents, testing both projects, keeping you guys in the loop... ;) That's it, check back on Thursday for a small treat aaaand....I'm out.

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