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A small status update on what I'm doing and what I'm planning with this mod.

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So, what has been going on lately...
My holiday is coming to an end, and I've taken a break from development for a while.
Now I've started again, and I'll try to get this mod done before my birthday... no promises, though.

One of the reasons for delay, is the crazy amount of bugs i've been getting. The craziest yet is that every object in the first part of the first level misplaces. Every single entity. That means: Doors, beds, closets, chairs, and enemy nodes. Only the walls are still in place...
I've tried a lot to fix this, but since it had no effect, I'm now remaking the first part of the first level, but placing it somewhere else(It's literally what I'm doing after I post this).

I think that a few full days of working on this is enough to finish it. But, that's the problem, usually I don't feel like working on this for days. However, I'm really making this top priority now, so expect release somewhere within september!

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