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WE NEED A CODER. It's not a big secret, that we finished all the 60 maps of the original wolf3d, so there is enough playground now.

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Hmmmm, to be honest, I don't know yet.

After we uploaded the EP1 demo I watched the existed servers. The most important thing, that I noticed there aren't too much server. The other major thing is that 90% of the servers are played only on e1m1, e1m2 and e1m0. It means to me that maybe the players lost interested in the mod after 2-3 levels.

All the same, there was a good experience to me: there was a server with 8 players, so after my join there wasn't enough place in the elevator to finish the level, so I disconnected quickly. :)

...but, this was the past.

Sadly I didn't get back the existing codes all the Same our old coder (thanks the nothing, Dan911!) promised it. So there was no other way, I had to start the coding works from the beginning with my very little coding-knowledge and as I count, I reach my limits quickly. At this moment when the NPCs attack, they can't hurt the player.
We need:
- a working level-change,
- a score-system,
- and key-procedure what you saw in the uploaded demo.

In the last few weeks we fixed some texture and model problems. For example: the player has a working ragdoll, the new weapon is working, a new NPC is making...

So first and last, we need a coder with ~medium skills to working on these problems and on the AIs. We haven't got expert claims, because we also aren't professional modders as you can see.

It's not a big secret, that we finished all the 60 maps of the original wolf3d, so there is enough playground.

and finally: We want to commit everything what we made, but need a coder before we take the next step.

Thanks for your patience!


I'm sure that You'll find someone good. It would be shame if all that work was made for nothink. However, I played the demo and I have some thougths, of what should be done/changed; chose of difficult level, better use of source (lets be honest - maps are very simple = boring) and most important: more balanced gameplay. I played original wolf and I know that Your mod is trying to give that "oldschool" feel as much as possible, but today, looking at other games/mods its to ... Oldschool. Well, lets just say that it would be good if You would change some typical thinks that are in original wolf to make it more user friendly (once again, that difficulty...) I know it sounds pretty jerk like but that's what I felt while I was playing it. Don't take it offensive ;)

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As for example, we could take black mesa source; It's NOT a 100% port of hl into source engine. If You would take a look at screenshots and news, You would noticed that its way more different. Not because they don't like original hl, its because they know that if pc in hl "age" were more powerful, there maps would be more complex, just like it is in black mesa source, and this is what I suggest You. Give a feel of original wolf3d, but add somethink from yourself, EXPAND wolf3d experience, so somebody "young" (we are young too I guess, but I mean somebody like 14-15 years old;)) will take a look at mod, play it, and thought "damn, this is cool" and play it more than a couple of seconds.

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This has so much potential. I hope you find a coder!

@MaxTheSmodFan: I think as long as there is a difficulty setting it should be ok being true to the original. As it stands right now there is no setting and it is really hard.

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Not having such ugly *** textures and modeling.


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