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Teasing something that´s kind of a demo, also, Discord server link!

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Hello, hello, you wonderful people, welcome to another news post from BDOP, today, i promise you we are gonna be showing you something from the actual game, and teasing a little release!, kind of...
So, what´s this little release that we´re talking about?, well, it´s an entry for the Source Modding Community Map Labs´ horror competition, now, what does that have to do with BDOP?, well, it´s kind of a sequel to one of the missions we have been planning for the mod, set many years after BDOP, after the Combine invasion, the Underground Network was formed, a rebel network connecting trough abandoned hallways, office buildings, and basements, all the way trough to the Fort Carson Atlantic warehouse in the middle of the Bone County desert, you are a rebel that has heard an emergency call dated two hours ago from the network, suspecting of an assault from the metropolice on the network, you immediatly go check on what´s happening, and indeed, the metropolice have arrived, but it seems that they are as helpless as the rebels...
Fight your way trough the network in an attempt to find any survivors and escape, as the metropolice are on your tail, and an unknown force seems to have control of the entire underground network, and is eliminating everyone inside of it.
So far, that´s what we have in terms of story, however, i am planning to merge that entry with a mission of BDOP, set decades before that incident, where you will explore new paths trough that underground network to get to one of your objectives, that provides a great ability for us to re-use some pieces of content, putting things out there quicker, while also tying in BDOP into Half-Life canon, it´s an idea that we think will work.
We are about one third of the way done with the entry for the competition, that is due on the 27th.

We have a pretty early video on the MapLabs entry, check it out here:
Also, we have a Discord server, where we keep all of our followers up to date on new content, it´s been a bit dead lately, so we hope you all join and bring some much needed new life to it!

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