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Finally it's time to code multiplayer into my snowy game, will it be difficoult alone?Yes!Will i enjoy it?Sure! Check out my game and support me , i really need you!!

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Soo... guys, did i missed you???In this period i've been working on a multiplayer system.
My first choice was the new Unet, it's really powerful but... is new, and miss lot of big feature like host migration and other stuff and since unity developer has lot of things to do i thought it was better to leave it.
My actual choice is photon,it's really powerfull,easy to use and offers nice service like matchmaking,servers etc. It's not my first time with it so i have a bit of experience, in those weeks i've created the lobby system,the terrain synchronization and the player movement synchronization (it use prediction for better result)

Lobby: joining a game

As you can see this is preatty easy, you just join a random room( if no one is running you create one )wait for some player, and than u start(in the real game u have to reach all the players an than it automatically start)

Game: playing together

Actually stuff like snowball throw,movement and terrain data, are synchronized, for the playermovement i've used a system that predict the new position of the player to smooth the behaviour.

PS: it's a bit slow because of the free server so don't worry :)

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