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In this news, I detail Identity of game/me, all functions, website and Youtube.

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S.N.O.W - NEWS #1

Identity: S.N.O.W
Genre: Survival/Adventure
Platform: Windows (Maybe MAC)
Release Date: End 2015

Identity: Keys (Artist name)
Year Old: 22 Years
From: France
Programming: C++, Javascript, PHP & HTML

You play as a character after a storm that destroyed most of the houses.
The population has mysteriously disappeared, leaving only you.
But you wake up in a camp in a snowy environment.
To you to survive.

Progress and explore.

- Health, angry and fatigue system.
- Inventory and Crafting system
- Level / Level up with unlock (items/craft) system
- Combat, drop and capture system
- Spawning apple system (Limit 3 apples for tree / 1 apple for 10 minutes)
- Exploring & Kill xp system
- Weather & Day/Night cycle system
- Current Objective & Place system

Crafting Menu

Level Up System

other coming soon...

To watch all Updates, subscribe to my Youtube Channel: S.N.O.W - Survival Game

In this website. I put all news, pictures, vidéos and others.

Facebook: S.N.O.W - Survival game !

Look frenquently my game for pictures , vidéos and news !

Best Regards all !
Welcome to S.N.O.W !

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