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Hello! Thank you all for the warm reception into the ModDB community again. I hope the 153 of you (at time of posting) that have downloaded the mod have enjoyed what they've seen so far. Extra kudos if you found the two easter eggs I put into the launch. ;)

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I plan to keep a consistent stream of content being put into All Stars Burn as One, with bugfixing and balance changes happening every major update.

I hope to show you that I'm not all talk with a sneak peak of everything I've worked on since All Stars Burn as One's release on wednesday, and 1.1 on tuesday that will include multiplayer AI, two new ground heroes and two new ground units. (Easter egg units Darth Jevlas and Havoc Gunship are included in the patch notes, but they will not be counted against the new heroes and units planned.)
Changelog: Generic-Both Factions now have AI in skirmish & multiplayer.

Galactic Republic - Land
-NEW HERO: Master McCay Jones - An aged Jedi Master with decades upon decades of experience in the Force. He's capable of defeating armies through diplomatic or martial means.
-Master McCay Jones has a high damage, short recharge saber throw ability. He also has the ability "enlighten", which converts enemy units to your side.-Master McCay Jones uses his Jedi Shadow Fighter in space.

-NEW GROUND UNIT: Havoc Gunship - Unique to the deployment of Battlegroup Talus, Havoc Gunships are low orbit troop transports and aerial assault vehicles with laser cannons and rocket launchers. Havoc Gunships are currently built from Rebel Heavy Vehicle factories.

Galactic Republic - Space
-McCay's Jedi Shadow Fighter now has a maximum stealth duration of 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
-McCay's Jedi Shadow Fighter now has a maximum stealth recharge time of 30 seconds, down from 35 seconds.
-McCay's Jedi Shadow Fighter now has 300 shield points, down from 1000.
-McCay's Jedi Shadow Fighter now has 500 hit points, down from 1500.
-McCay's Jedi Shadow Fighter now gives a 10% bonus to Defender Corvette's health, damage, shielding, and movement speed. His encyclopedia file has been updated to reflect this buff.\
-The Pandora's scale factor is now 1.75, down from 2.5.-Defender Corvette's scale factor is now 0.5, up from 0.3.
-The maximum targeting distance of the Thranta-class & Endurance has been reduced to 1400 from 1800. They will no longer remain outside their weapon's ranges when ordered to attack.
-Thranta-classes & the Endurance have exchanged two of their laser cannon hardpoints while in anti-fighter mode for two anti-fighter missile launchers.
-Thranta-classes & the Endurance no longer fire their heavy turbolaser turrets while in anti-fighter mode.
-The Endurance now fires her enhanced turbolasers in both normal and anti-fighter modes.
Sith Empire - Land
-NEW HERO: Darth Jevlas - This veteran Sith assassin and commander of the Black Hand Fleet is shrouded in mystery and leaves a wake of destruction.
-Darth Jevlas has the ability to conceal himself with the Force. Darth Jevlas can also absorb the life of enemies, all while remaining invisible.
-Darth Jevlas uses the Obsidian Blade in space.

Sith Empire - Space
-Grand Admiral Skireff Tann - The Ascendancy is now referred to as "The Ascendancy".
-The Ascendancy's encyclopedia file has been changed to better reflect its combat capabilities.
-Obsidian Blade is now referred to as "The Obsidian Blade".
-The Obsidian Blade no longer provides a 30% damage increase to fleets.
-The Obsidian Blade's superlaser attack now only deals 350 damage per frame, down from 400 damage per frame.

Thanks for taking the time to check this mod out! :)

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