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Check out the new HUD, card artwork, event system and more!

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HUD Concept

The HUD received a facelift to both increase readability and make it more consistent with our other panels. In addition to making room for our new systems, It should also perform better when there is more information to display.

We’re particularly excited about the new time based construction queue, which will allow you to order a construction even if you don’t have the required resources yet. Items in the queue can also be rearranged if they haven’t begun construction.



Events received a major overhaul following community feedback, and they no longer require you to send fleets to complete them. Instead, you can review their status in a new panel and complete them instantly as soon as they become available.

While Events still serve to gate progress and ensure power players don’t snowball out of control, the new system should feel significantly less cumbersome and allow you to focus on other parts of the game.

Daily Challenges

Events Daily Challenge

Continuing on the note of reducing time requirements, Starborne will see the introduction of daily challenges. These are objectives tailored to your playstyle, and will allow you to stay competitive with shorter, more focused play sessions.

Black Hole

Black Hole Prototype

We've been trying out some new effects for the black hole, and they're coming together nicely. While not tied to any specific game mechanic as of yet, we're planning to add various landmarks to the map to give it more life and make navigation easier.

Solar Flares


Another change to the map contains visual tweaks to celestial bodies. We've added a flare effect to the suns and adjusted their brightness levels when moving the camera up close. Screenshots should look much better now!

New Cards


Stealth Systems, Drone Swarm, Minefield and Antimatter Torpedo will make their first appearance in the next alpha test, which is slated to start in around 2 months. Stay tuned!

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