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SMOD Troopers 0.9.8 Patch and Full Versions are out ! They fix many crashes and issues, get it now !

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Hey, after hours of playtesting, I have figured out what crashed DeadWorld so often, it was due to the GasCan Pickup crash.
It also fixes the ChangeLevel issue, player admins can now use the ChangeLevel function to change map, instead of shutting server down and starting another...
This version fixes this crash, and many others, here is the change log :

-------Changes in V.0.9.8-------------

-Fixed the Game Name not displaying properly in the Server Browser

-Added Skins to differentiate between the Bullet Turret and the Laser Turret

-Fixed the Weapon's Firing sound distance to act realistically

-Changed the voice audio codec

-Fixed the ChangeLevel command not working, server operators can now changelevel instead of shutting and restarting server.

-Reduced amount of blur when damaged or near explosion

-Enabled damage screen color

-Changed the hud color to green

-Enabled by default the Hud Quick Info Crosshair for quick information on Ammo Display and Health, can be disabled in mouse options.

-Fixed a bug that would set some settings only when a map is loaded

-Disabled the headcrabs spawning in some crates due to physic crashes

-Moved the ladders in Deadworld's Metro, to make them easier to climb

-Fixed DeadWorld's Gate Button opening the gate when shot

-Changed DeadWorld's Horde System to be triggered more rarely

-Fixed LostWorld's mine zombies not respawning after elevator has been called once

-Fixed some Zombie's gib skin not identical to zombies skins

-Implemented OneManShow's Shotgun Pellet texture fix

Download it in the download section of the mod


nice :D

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Enemies take too much damage, they need to be weaker.

Also charging health to 300+ takes forever. Perhaps you could set all damages to be on a 100 scale? With Heavies having 250 health?

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Sounds cool bro.. Nice work ;)

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btw i think the enemies take the right amount of damage

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