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We've gone in to Early or First access on and we'd really like people to jump and and help us make Smith and Winston even better.

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It's been a really, really long time coming and the game isn't complete yet BUT we've gone in to first access on

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We've worked on Smith and Winston to nearly five years now and we're really excited to hear from people playing the game and helping us to make it even better. We're releasing on Windows, OSX and Linux with the first three levels.

NOTE: the game isn't complete, there are missing features like coop, high score table, music and polished sound effects. Not to mention that a lot of things need smoothing out but we need feedback before we can finish the game so here it is. You can help us!

So if you've got a Windows, Linux or OSX machine that plays modern 3D games well and some time to give feedback and you want to go on a twin stick metroidy shooter exploration type journey... jump in.

We've discounted the game heavily from it's final release price of $19.99 to reflect that it's not all there yet and as we release more levels (every month or so) we'll slowly be upping the price to it's final level.

We plan to finish the game for March 2019.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming.

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