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We've added electronic barriers to Smith and Winston because we're not just copying Ikari Warriors wholesale

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It's no secret that Smith and Winston is deeply inspired by the classic arcade games Ikari Warriors and Heavy Barrel. We love those games and from the first beery moment Charlie and I decided to make Smith and Winston we have been inspired by them every day.

However we know that in the modern world we inhabit, some 30 years (gulp) after those games appeared, the pure Ikari Warrior experience isn't rich enough. Players want more of a challenge. After all we're not trying to wrangle every 10p out of you, we're trying to give to hours of fun!

So with that in mind those dastardly baddies have erected electronic fences, barriers to your progress, that you'll need to discover how to disable.

Don't worry, you're NOT going to find yourself in a firefight having to press switches or remember combinations, this isn't Battlefield. Smith and Winston is still an arcade shooter!

ChaseofBass - - 18 comments

I love top down shooter games like this (i think total carnage and smash tv were my favorites) -and your voxel style art work fits it nicely!
-glad to hear your not going to puzzle it up too much with the switches -sucks when the gameplay flow is impeded with stuff like that -this looks cool though

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metaldazza Author
metaldazza - - 18 comments

Thanks, it's a tough balancing act but I think we can pull it off. Hopefully we can add some small puzzle, wonder and maybe some humour along the way.

Smash TV is great but Total Carnage was too hard for me :(

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sithpal - - 733 comments

out of curios what does pressing switches or remebering combinations have to do with battlefield?

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metaldazza Author
metaldazza - - 18 comments

Oh I'm just mucking about, it's sort of how Battlefield just got more and more complex and lost it's roots somewhat. It's not a serious insight really.

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