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Hi community. Its me again, and sorry for the lack of updates.

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THE mod has slowed down to a snails pace lately, and most of the team has gone. I do have SOME models that cherch has made for the mod, but all the ones that thunder3 has made are gone, and all the coding done by gabrielvlx are gone as well. Also from cherch i have the audio that he has assembled from numerous sources, but anyway to the good news. I have managed to get together another "team" to slowly work on this again, i have a coder and some others who are going to help out alot. BUT i am still in desperate need of a modeler! please, if you can model and want to help or have nothing else to do, PLEASE, please, please contact me. The mod is also in desperate need for some one who can make textures, please if you can do that contact me as well. Email me at or PM me here-i need all the help i can get.

Alright well on a lighter note, i do believe that this mod will not die, and that hopefully i can get a small addon working in a month or so- MAYBE, this is a big big IF. Thanks to those who are still sticking around and supporting the mod, this is for your guys.
Until next time,
[R3v0]obliterator789 aka obliterator789


again so sorry that I have been busy i will support when I can but they'll be small things. nothing big like Models I just don'r have the time to do them.

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obliterator789 Author

alright i thought you had abandoned us :( well i guess not so im happy :D
bad news, we lost gabrielvlx

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Keep at it ;)

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dont give up ^_^

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